When to Quit Writing

Since few writers die at the keyboard, nearly all writers quit at some point, but how do you know when to quit writing? Answer these 5 questions to gain clarity.

Time-Saving Tools for Authors

If you’re losing time or simply want to fine-tune your writing systems, check out these time-saving tools for authors.

Book Marketing 101: Price  

Learn how book pricing impacts sales and discover 14 strategies for finding the optimum price for your new or backlist books.

Book Marketing 101: Product

If your book isn’t a good product, marketing gets harder. Find out whose opinion counts and learn to create a good book readers want to buy and read.

Good Brands Vs. Big Brands 

Find out if it’s better to create an author brand that is good or big. Discover the difference between the two and which should come first.

How to Get Good Website Stats

Two important tools will help you see your website’s stats clearly. Find out which tools you need and what they tell you.

How to Find Your Timothy  

One person’s opinion about your book is more important than anyone else’s. Discover who it is and how to find them before you publish.

The 2023 Book Launch Blueprint

Registration for our annual course is now open. Find out what you’ll learn, what’s been updated, and if it’s the right course for you.

AI Book Covers & ChatGPT

Find out how authors use ChatGPT, Midjourney, and other AI tools to create book covers, characters, and plot ideas for their books.

Whisper and the World Whispers Back

When readers can’t hear about your book, they can’t read it, even if it’s really good. Learn three reasons your book promotion may fall flat.

How to Save Money as an Author

There's an old saying that the way to make a small fortune in publishing is to start with a large fortune. While the early days of publishing favored independently wealthy authors, things have changed. Publishing may be cheaper than it once was, but it’s not free....

How to Hire a Good Editor

Every successful author needs a professional editor. Learn three simple steps for finding a good editor who will improve your book.

How to Supercharge Ebook Sales

If your ebook sales are lagging, these 7 strategies will teach you how to market your ebook effectively with tactics specific to ebooks.

Affiliate Marketing for Authors

Find out how authors who take advantage of affiliate marketing opportunities can earn income even before their books are published.

How to Become an Amazon Affiliate

A step-by-step guide for setting up your Amazon Associate account so you can earn money through affiliate links on your author website.

AI Tools for Authors

When you use artificial intelligence tools for writing, you can improve your craft and create books faster. Find out which AI tools will benefit you most.

How to Crowdfund Your Book

Learn how to solve your cash flow problem with these tips for crowdfunding your book before it’s published.

Hybrid Publishing

Is working with a hybrid publisher the right decision for you? Learn the pros and cons of hybrid publishing and how to explore your options.

How to Record Your Own Audiobook Using Hindenburg Narrator

According to The NPD Group, ebook sales for traditionally published books went down in the first half of 2021. Meanwhile, the most recent data for audiobooks states that sales are up by 12%.   Do I need an audio version of my book? The data is clear. You need to have...

Innovative Indie Marketing with S.D. Smith

Independent authors need marketing tools and skills to be successful. Learn how one indie author reduced his reliance on gatekeepers and sold books directly to his readers.

Effective Book Cover Design

A bad book cover can ruin all your marketing efforts. Learn what makes a good book cover in this interview with a top cover designer.

Facebook Advertising for Authors

Facebook can be useful for authors if you use it in the right way. Find out how you can use Facebook to help you sell more books.

How to Launch Your Book on a Budget

Is your book launch budget filled with expenses or investments? Learn how and where to spend your time and money to get the greatest return.

How to Launch Your Book in 2022

Your book deserves a well-planned, effective book launch. Learn how to maximize sales in those all-important first 30 days after release.

How to Write More Productively

If you need a plan and process for writing books, learn the secret to writing multiple books every year in this interview with author Angela Hunt.

Tools To Make Publishing Easier

We are in the process of replacing the dirt and rocks in our backyard with grass for the children to play in. At first, things went well using the shovel but then when we got to the final rocks, the shovel just did not work well. Then we tried a rake, and boom!...

How Author Websites Irritate Readers (and what to do about it)

Have you ever been irritated by a website? Did you know that readers may be having that exact same experience when they visit your website? Ticking off your website visitors is a bad way to get more readers. Here are seven ways author websites annoy visitors and what to do about it.

The Author’s Guide to LLCs

Learn when and why you should form an LLC for your author business. Discover who can help you get it done and how much it will cost.

How to Find Your Readers

Follow these five steps to find out what your readers like and want in a book. Their preferences might surprise you and lead you to success.

Niche Marketing: A Coaching Session

Writing to a small niche has its advantages. In this coaching session, an author asks how to market to a very small segment of readers.

7 Kinds of Indie Authors

Find out which kind of indie author you are and which sales strategies and promotional tools will work best for you.

How to Pitch Your Novel

Learn how and when to craft a compelling pitch that make agents, readers, and publishers curious about your novel.

A New Social Network for Authors

Learn how to avoid social media distractions, connect with qualified authors, and write better books with our new social network for authors.

Amazon Advertising

Amazon continually tests and changes their ads platform, and authors must stay up to date. Bryan Cohen reports on what’s changed this year.

How to Pick a Strong Book Title

Your book’s title should accomplish four goals with only a few words. Learn how to create a memorable title that is easy to find and recommend.

How to Develop an Author Tagline

You can develop a focused author tagline and build your brand by answering these questions about yourself and your message.

How to Advertise Your Book on Podcasts

Podcast advertising is one of the most effective advertising venues for authors with audiobooks. Heather Osgood offers seven steps to great podcast advertising.

How to Market Your Audiobook

These seven strategies will help you form a close connection with your audience, create a high-quality audio experience, and sell more audiobooks.

Software Guide for Authors

Authors and writers can work smarter, not harder, with these hardware and software tools that will increase your productivity and lead you to success.

Lessons from Blogging a Book

For years I’ve had Thomas Umstattd’s voice in my head telling me to blog my book. “Test out your ideas,” he said. “Start building your audience,” he said. “It’ll be easy,” he said. Well, maybe he didn’t say it would be easy. Blogging my book was, in fact, one of...

How to Build an Author Website in a Day

You don’t need to hire a company to build you a website, you can do it yourself and it is easier than you think. You can learn how to build your very own professional author website.

How to Start an Author Podcast

Podcasting is one of the hottest marketing techniques for authors right now and for good reason. In this episode you will learn how to start your own podcast.

7 Blogs Every Author Should Follow

One of the best way to improve your writing is to learn from the best. Here are seven blogs that not only are good examples of excellent blogging but will also help you hone your craft and sell your books.

The Enclave Files

Get a behind-the-scenes look at what a traditional publisher’s marketing director does. Find out which strategies work and which don’t.

Where to Find Mentorship for Your Publishing Career

Do you ever feel alone in the writing journey? Or perhaps you are not sure what to do next. You don’t need to! In this episode Thomas talks about10 different places to find mentorship and the pros and cons of each.

90% of Top USA Today Bestselling Authors Have a Podcast Presence

Literary Agent Steve Laube recently released a blog post showing that 100% of ECPA Bestselling authors had a podcast presence as either hosts or guests. 60% were both hosts and guests! We were curious to see how many authors on the USA Today Bestseller List had a...

How to Create a Landing Page

Eight tips and tools for creating effective landing pages that will build your email list and your connection to your readers.

Bonus Book Launch Q&A

In this special bonus episode of Novel Marketing, we answer YOUR book launch and book marketing questions. You can watch a video version of the Q&A below. 

How to Use Facebook To Promote Your Book

In this episode we are going to talk about the right way to use Facebook to sell more books! Last week we talked about why Facebook is overrated for book marketing, but we didn’t say it’s completely useless, so today we’re going to talk about the ways Facebook CAN...

How to Sound Great As a Podcast Guest

Are you scheduled to come on a podcast as a guest? If you want to be invited back, or appear on any other podcast interviews for that matter, you need to have good audio. Many authors make the mistake of using their laptop's microphone and speakers. This will...

The Launch Your Book Blueprint

Your book is finished. Polished. Ready for the world to read. But then the questions enter your mind, yes, those questions … how do I launch my novel in the most impactful way possible?  How do I do it without feeling overwhelmed? And where do I find the time? We get...

What We Can Learn from The Greatest Book on Marketing Ever Written

Announcements: We’re $4 away from hitting our next Patreon goal. With this level we will start providing full transcripts for each episode. We just need one person to back at the $5 level to push us over the edge. Just as a reminder, $5 Patrons receive: Warm feelings,...

How to Spot a Publishing Scam

In this Novel Marketing Podcast episode, we are going to talk about publishing scams and how to avoid them. Don’t get bamboozled by a charlatan!

How to Create a Reader (Lead) Magnet

A reader magnet is a prize your readers get in exchange for giving you their email. They can dramatically improve how fast your email list grows.

144 – How to Build an Amazing Author Website for $459.20

You know you need a website, but you don't have one yet.  We received an email from Mary Hamilton, a listener of the Novel Marketing podcast, who said dealing with her website was her writing pet peeve.  "My biggest peeve is my website. I'm not techy enough to...

138 – GDPR for American Authors?

Links: Did Thanos Kill Me? The Creative Funding Show Iubenda (Affiliate link) Let’s talk about GDPR: First off, we are not lawyers. Questions: What is GDPR? General Data Protection Regulation Why do authors need to care about it? Isn’t it just European companies...

Why American Authors Don’t Need to Worry About GDPR

Learn what GDPR is, why Americans don’t need to worry about it, and why you may want to follow it anyway. TL;DR: The EU is not the government of the world and it can’t force Americans to do anything. But you should follow some of the regulations anyway.

136 – How to Use K-lytics To Sell More Kindle eBooks

The more you understand how readers find,  and how and why they buy books on Amazon, the more books you’re going to sell. And to help us dive deep into the subject is today’s guest, Alex Newton, the CEO and Founder of K-Lytics.com

New Podcast: Creative Funding Show

We are launching a new podcast! The Creative Funding Show is a podcast where Author Media CEO, Thomas Umstattd interview Authors, YouTubers, and Podcasters who are funding their creativity using platforms like Patreon and Kickstarter. You will also learn about making...

130 – Myths Authors Believe  

In this episode, we are going to talk about a few of the myths and lies writers are prone to believe which can derail us or send us in wrong directions or keep us from going in the direction we should be headed.  

How to Blog Your Book

You can blog your book ahead of time. You just need to do it the right way. Learn how to blog your book and what traps and pitfalls to avoid. Blogging can help you create a best seller. Here is everything you need to turn your blog posts into an amazing book.

128 – Taking Novel Marketing to the Next Level

Show Outline Introduction: Episode 1 was on Oct 7, 2013 A lot has happened over the last four and a half years. Jim has won half a dozen book awards Thomas spent time as the marketing director for a publishing company. We went a couple of years only posting every...

What’s New in MyBookTable 3.1

MyBookTable, the most popular bookstore plugin on WordPress, just got better. MyBookTable 3.1 comes with several new features, including some that were previously available only in the paid Pro and Dev versions. Here's what's new. Added Universal Buy Button to...

127 – How to Connect with Anyone in the World  

In this episode, we talk about connecting with anyone in the world that you want to. In the last two episodes, we talked about why Word of Mouth is not working and How to Make Word of Mouth Work for You by connecting with Mavens, Connectors, and Salespeople. But HOW do you meet these people?

126 – How to Make Word of Mouth Work for You

In this episode, we talk about how you can make Word of Mouth work for you. Spoiler Alert: some people are more important to spreading your idea than others. Find out who those people are and how to reach them.

125 – Why Word of Mouth Isn’t Working for Your Book

v In this episode of the Novel Marketing podcast, we’re going to talk about what has been consistently cited as the number one way to sell books … Word of Mouth.   You’ve heard that, yes? Studies have shown that Word of Mouth sells more books than any other marketing...

122 – How the 2018 Tax Changes Affect Authors

In this episode, we talk with an author-friendly CPA about the impact of the new 2018 tax plan on authors. This is the biggest change to the tax code since the 1980s. Come April 15 you will be glad you listened to this episode!

How to Get to Know Your Readers

Knowing your readers allows you to connect with them through your writing and marketing. These 5 tools will help you understand your readers.

116 Important Changes GoodReads Giveaways

GoodReads giveaways, one of the most cost-effective book promotion tactics, are changing. Here’s everything you need to know about giving away books on GoodReads.

How to Write Bestselling Back Cover Copy

Your book’s front cover may get someone’s attention, but the back cover copy gets their money. That copy can make or break your marketing efforts. Learn how to write amazing copy.

10 Things Every Book Cover Needs

Your book cover is your biggest marketing asset. It can make or break your book. In this episode, we discuss the necessary elements for a successful cover.

Episode 100 LIVE Extravaganza

Q Evelyn Williamson is going to kick us off with three questions. She says, “I’m working on my first novel and would like to know how much money I need once I publish … to promote my book. Also, she’ like to know what kinds of things are acceptable expenses to write...

096 – How to Turn Your Book Into An Audiobook

  Put it in your Contract If you are traditionally published, make sure the audiobook is written in. Publishers only pay for audiobook production for books they believe. Record Yourself/You become the voice talent … Advantages to doing it yourself- You know how...

093 – What Authors Can Learn from Bad Super Bowl Ads

Intro Paragraph: Expensive, but the REACH is unparalleled. 1967 the cost was $42,000 for a 30. Today 5 million   Spending that kind of money means you have to create a great ad Talking Points: Seahawks   One of the biggest TV shows in the world   If you...

The 5-Year Plan To Become A Bestselling Novelist

Do you have “the dream”? If you love writing fiction, you don’t need to tell me “the dream” is to get published and hit the bestseller list. I know that’s it; I get it. I’ve been there.

What The Election Can Teach Us About Copywriting for Your Book

So don't worry. This post isn't going to be about the insanity we all just went through. Yeah, I know ... whew. But the campaign season that just ended can teach us a salient point about our own copywriting. What works, what doesn't. Trump didn't win the election,...

090 – Q&A Extravaganza #7

Q Cadel Sterling says, “I found a local, self-published author, with a really cool sounding book premise, and I bought his e-book and told him I'd review it. It stinks. Just awful. Painful to read. So, what do I do now? Hide and pretend I never read it, or honestly...

089 – How To Use the Power of Video to Engage More Readers

Intro Paragraph: In case you haven’t noticed, using videos as part of marketing is exploding. USA Today, everywhere else as well. So how do we as authors get on this train and use it to engage readers more deeply? Talking Points: 1. Why Video? YouTube-the greatest...

087 – Website Hosting for Authors

What is Web Hosting Web hosting is where your website lives on the internet. It is like rent for your website. It is important because if your site goes down people can’t find you. Why is web hosting important? Agent Hack Story Bad hosting can ruin your reputation....

How to Pick Your Genre

If you’re trying to pick a genre or considering writing in several, this episode will help you determine which path is best for you.

085 – How to Sell More Books with MyBookTable 3

What is MyBookTable? WordPress Plugin Sell More Books New Features in the Free version MyBookTable 3 Updated Look MyBookTable book pages have been redesigned to be prettier, more mobile-friendly, and conversion-optimized. If you prefer the classic look, don’t worry--...

MyBookTable 3 is Here

The #1 WordPress Bookstore Plugin is about to get even better with Kindle Instant Preview, International Mode and Landing Page Mode.

083 – How to Get an Agent With Rachelle Gardner

Last episode we talked about getting an agent from Thomas’ and my perspective, in this episode, we’re going to talk about how to get an agent from the agent’s perspective. So we’d like to introduce you to one of our favorite people and an outstanding literary agent,...

082 – How to Get an Agent

Why do you want an agent? Capital Credibility Contacts and Contracts Do you need one? When you do When you don’t What a good agent can do for you How agenting has changed over the past 10 years Career counsel Contacts Projects you’d never hear about without them What...

7 Website Visitors Every Author Needs to Thrill

Instead of discussing what you need to do for your website, we will profile the seven different kinds of readers who visit and how you can thrill them. If you can thrill them, they'll leave your website happy and may even purchase a copy of your book. Each visitor I...

080 – Q & A Extravaganza

  Intro Paragraph: (Thomas) Our first question comes from Runescape Gold dot com. No, that’s not his name but he or she didn’t give one. But I love this question. Do I have the guts to quit my job? Dave Smale I know it's never a good idea to get a friend (or a...

MyBookProgress 1.0 is Here!

I have a confession to make. Most author websites irritate me. I read a lot of books and the primary reason I visit an author's website is to check on the progress of their current Work In Progress. Not a single author website (other than Brandon Sanderson's) had a...

When Your Writing Career is Re-Storied

I had big dreams a decade ago. On the cusp of moving overseas to start a church in France, I landed two publishing contracts. Part of my worry of moving over there involved the very real fear that my publishing career would tank before it even started. Thankfully,...

Cyber Monday Deals from Author Media

We are excited to announce the following Cyber Monday deals: MyBookProgress: $5 FREE We are offering the base version of MyBookProgress for free for Black Friday. More Info | Download | Buy Upgrade MyBookTable: 50% off A WordPress plugin to boost your book...

070 — Q&A Lightning Round

Denica McCall, author of Flowers in the Darkness Question: While I do write novels, I have just put out a poetry book(my first published book). The book is partly being used to raise funds for a local organization fighting human trafficking. What I'm wondering is,...

068 – Where to Spend Your Marketing Money

Episode 068 – Where to Spend Your Marketing Money (3790) We often discuss what not to spend your money on, and we feature free marketing techniques. In this article, we'll answer a question from Erica Borgerson, author of The Lazy Girl Guide to Healthy...

We Are Revolutionizing Author Websites… Again

What happens when your superfans visit your site looking for the status of your upcoming book? If your site is like most author websites, they leave disappointed and frustrated. You just lost the opportunity to get them excited about your upcoming book and onto your...

067 – How to Keep Your Inbox @ Zero And Have More Time to Write

A lot of authors are addicted to checking email. Poor email habits hold many authors back from success because it wastes time and zaps mental energy. If you can learn to do email better you will have more time to market your book and more mental energy to write....

062 – 7 Ways to Avoid the Email Spam Filter

Jim how do you tell if you are a spammer? If people click “mark as spam” on your email, you are a spammer as far as that person is concerned. Spam is in the eye of the beholder. How Spam Filters Work Before we give you tips on how to avoid spam filters we should talk...

How To Install a Plugin on Your WordPress Site

Plugins are magical things.  Similar to apps that you install on your smartphone, plugins add certain features and functionality to your website. But plugins aren't much help if you don't know how to install them!  That's why we're here to help.  Here's a step-by-step...

How to Harness the Magic of MyBookTable with Shortcodes

If you've used MyBookTable for any amount of time, you probably already know that it's an easy way to organize and sell books through your website. But did you know that there are ways to simplify the process even further? Built directly into MyBookTable is a special...

How to Update an Amazon Widget

Amazon widgets are a lot of fun to create and utilize on your blog. The downside is that they tend to slow the site down, but for some bloggers that isn’t a major concern. Here are step-by-step instructions for adding resources to an existing Amazon widget.

MyBookTable 2.1 Now With Pre-Orders

So far, MyBookTable 2.0 has been a huge hit. In just two months, it has already outsold MyBookTable 1.0 (excluding Kickstarter backers). But, just because MyBookTable is the #1 Bookstore plugin on WordPress doesn't mean we have stopped working hard to make it better....

060 – Q&A Extravaganza & Big Announcement

Question from Jen Q: I really enjoyed this podcast, but I'm curious as to how aspiring writers are supposed to use Facebook and Twitter differently? Question from J.T. Stoll   Author of The Rift I'm an indie fantasy author and trying to figure out how much time...

059 – Novel Tax Tips for Authors

In this episode we are going to talk about how to stay out of jail … when it comes to your taxes ... I am excited to introduce our guest. So, we brought in a CPA who has coached authors, celebrities and small businesses for over thirty years. He is the guy that the...

058 – Powerful Marketing Lessons from Taylor Swift

Show Notes: She is involved in her own marketing. She’s transparent, which builds familiarity and trust She uses every channel -- differently She says "no" when her brand is devalued Her product is inspirational and unexpected She makes smart partnerships She's a...

055 – Book Scavenger Hunts

A book scavenger hunt is an effective way to connect with authors and new readers. Find out how it works and how you can host your own.

MyBookTable Passes 10,000 Downloads

A few years ago, we realized that trying to sell your book through your website can be a pain.  That's why we created MyBookTable.  It's a Wordpress plugin designed to help authors sell more books and make affiliate money through sites like Amazon and Barnes &...

051 – Bestseller Marketing Tactics With Brand Manager Kevin Kaiser

Quick Links: GetThisBook.com 1000 True Fans KevinKaiser.co Transcript Thomas Umstattd Jr.: So in this episode, as you’ve probably figured out, we’re going to be talking to Kevin Kaiser. And for those of you who don’t know who Kevin is, Kevin is a marketing guru, one...

050 – Q&A Extravaganza #3

This is our 50th episode, and to celebrate we are throw yet another Q&A extravaganza. Questions: Sarena Masco What advice would you give to someone who is in the process of creating two identifying brands for separate fields? For example, one brand would be as a...

049 – How to Use Crowdfunding to Fund Your Next Book Advance

In this episode we are going to talk about how independent authors can use crowdfunding to promote and pay for their next book. What is crowdfunding? Mary DeMuth’s Story Marci Seither’s Story The Adventures of Pearley Monroe." Benefits of Crowdfunding: Get money now,...

MySpeakingEvents Now on Kickstarter

At Author Media we work with a lot of professional speakers. Their websites all need an event calendar to help build enthusiasm for upcoming events. The problem is, all the WordPress event calendars either were either way too complicated or did not work.... or both....

048 – The Right Way and the Wrong Way to Sign Books

Book signings are likely the most personal connection you’ll have with a reader. Because of that, it’s an important opportunity that could either leave the reader with a memorable experience, or could alienate a new friend. In this episode, we discuss the right way to...

047 – How to Pick the Perfect Genre to Write In

Many writers love to write in multiple genres, is that a good idea? Should they narrow it down? If so, how should a writer pick the one with the best chance of selling? We answer these questions and more in this week's episode.

A Viral Recipe for Your Blog

“You don’t need to write a book to change the world with your ideas. A good blog post can reach more people in one month than the typical book reaches in a lifetime.” This my common refrain when I speak at writers conferences.

I had the chance to prove my theory this month. A post on my personal blog about courtship went viral to and sparked a nationwide discussion.

040 – 40th Episode Q&A Extravaganza

In this episode we answer questions from listeners like you. If you would like to ask a question for a future Q&A episode click here. Question 1 “I was recently divorced and remarried and now I have a new last name. Should I change the name on my website and...

The Ultimate Crowdfunding Course for Authors Is Here

We've spent quite a bit of time at Author Media talking about crowdfunding-- what it is, how awesome it is, and how to make it happen. A few months ago, we turned that talk into action, and put our own "Crowdfunding Is Awesome" theory to the test in just about the...

What Should Novelists Blog About?

Many novelists have a hard time with blogging, so they end up ignoring this powerful tool. In this article, you’ll find out what to blog about and what to avoid.

How to Self-Publish for Free

Did you know there was a way to self publish with any company in the world without having to go out of pocket for the cost? Here is how to do it.

028 – Book Rollouts Vs Book Launches With James Scott Bell

A  popular marketing strategy is to put together a huge launch even focused around the launch date of the book. You are not a fan of the big fan of that strategy. Why not? Walk us through the marketing techniques you used for your last book. Tell us about your...

025 – 25th Episode Q&A Extravaganza

In this episode we answer questions from listeners like you. If you would like to ask a question for a future Q&A episode click here. Question 1 "My question has to do with a specific niche - my novel is Christian fiction, including dragons, but not your typical...

022 – 12 Ways to Get More Facebook Fans

In this episode we are going to talk about Facebook. And more specifically, how to get more Facebook fans. Why Facebook is still important: Still the biggest social network (after email) Publishers pay attention to Facebook, particularly your PTAT score. 12 Ways to...

020 – To Brag, or not to Brag, that is the Question!

I know, you’re wondering where we’re going with this. You’re probably saying, “Isn’t that the Novel Marketing podcast is all about?” Yes, it is, but in this episode, we’re going to tackle the age old question, should you promote yourself, or find someone else to do it for you?

Announcing MyBookTable 1.3

MyBookTable is now the #1 WordPress Bookstore plugin on the WordPress repository. We have been hard at work making MBT even better. We are excited to announce version 1.3 now with GetNoticed! Integration and much more.

Why I Love (And Hate) Digital Books

You would think that, working at a company called "Author Media," all of the employees would be digital book fanatics, carrying around our Kindles all the time, everywhere. But that's not the case. I, for one, have had a hard time being won over by digital books. I...

016 – How to Prepare for a Podcast Interview

Show Notes Resolve to be as entertaining and helpful as possible. The more value you offer the more in demand you will be. If you shoot for being helpful you will be both helpful and will sell books. If you shoot for selling books you will be neither help nor sell. If...

5 New Year’s Resolutions Authors Should Make in 2014

It's January again, which means time for New Year's resolutions. It's easy for resolutions to become bigger-than-life, difficult to keep, and discouraging. While the big dreams are necessary, it's often the little steps that get us there...or keep us away. So for our...

013 – Publishing Predictions for 2014

Every year, Author Media polls a panel of industry experts and collects a list of publishing predictions. We are going to share those predictions with you along with our commentary.

011 – Seven Things Santa Can Teach You About Book Marketing

Who Knew? Santa is a Brilliant Marketer? Yes, he sure is. Check out the secrets of Ol’ Kringle’s legendary success as a cultural icon and how you can apply the same principles to your career. This episode is based on the this blog post from Author Media.

010 – 12 Novel Marketing Ideas for Christmas

Want to Sell More Books This Christmas Than Ever Before? The Christmas season is a sales juggernaut, if you know the ways to jump on that train. We give you 12 ideas that will cost you little to nothing, but could fill up your stocking in a really jolly way. Outline...

82 More Tweetable Quotes for Authors

Earlier this year, we made a list of 101 tweetable quotes for authors. It was a hit. So we've done it again. We've gathered a list of quotes for authors to tweet when they have Twitter block, need a dose of inspiration, or just because they find these quotes...

009 – An Introduction to Twitter for Novelists

If you’re not using Twitter, it might be because you don’t understand it, or you might not know the secrets to using it correctly. Join us as we talk about what to do, what not to do, and how Twitter can help you sell more books, as well as sell yourself. Helpful...

10 Holiday Season Blog Prompts

'Tis the season to be busy. There are parties to attend, presents to buy and/or make, meals to cook, traditions to celebrate, family to visit, and a million and one other things to do that come with the holiday season. But despite being busy, you don't want to let...

008 – Where to Start Marketing Your First Novel

You’re finished! You’ve typed, The End and you’re thrilled. (So are we. Congrats.) But now comes the marketing. So where exactly do you start? (Whether you have a contract or not.) We tell you exactly the places to begin, and trust us, it’s nearly painless. Show...

The Ultimate Cheat Sheet to Social Media Image Sizes

A few months ago, we shared an infographic called The Pinterest Cheat Sheet to Image Sizes. It was very well-received and widely shared.     A few weeks ago, I came across a similar infographic that is basically the Pinterest Cheat Sheet on steroids. Thanks...

007 – The Secret to Getting People to Love You

You think if everyone loves you, it will give your career a massive boost in the right direction? Of course it will. We tell you how to make it happen. And we’ll explain why it’s the easiest thing in the world to describe, but almost impossible to do.

006 – Author Business Cards

Are business cards still around? Yes, and you need one. We explain why it’s critical you have one, what should go on it (and what most assuredly shouldn’t) and where you can get them done inexpensively but still look like a pro. Links Mentioned in this Episode:...

Announcing the Novel Marketing Podcast

Are you a novelist? Do you want to sell more of your books?  If yes, we think you’ll love this brand new Podcast. It’s a Podcast on marketing designed specifically for novelists. For novelists who love marketing and even more so for novelists who would love the need...

Advice for NaNoWriMo from Author Media Fans

In just two days, writers from across the globe will embark on an epic journey. The goal? To write a 50,000 word novel in 30 days. Currently, there are 143,356 writers signed up for National Novel Writing Month at NaNoWriMo.org. If you are not one of them, you should...

003 – Autopilot Marketing for NaNoWriMo

In this show we talk about how to put your marketing on autopilot so you can focus on finishing your book. What? You want to put your marketing on autopilot for an entire month? Why? So you can write? Well, I suppose if that’s the reason we’ll give you six ways you...

Do authors still need a website?

Discover the advantages and disadvantages of having a website as an unpublished author. Find out whether you, as an author, need a website.

001 – Marketing 101: What is Marketing?

Want to know what marketing really is? If you’re a marketing wiz, no need to listen, but if you’re not, this is the perfect place to start. We explain exactly what marketing is and why it's critical you understand it, whether you’re pre-published, or 30 novels into...

Is Your Blog Pinterest Worthy?

Most bloggers know that Facebook and Twitter are important for getting traffic to your posts. But did you know that the number of blog visitors finding their way from Pinterest is growing? As of September 3rd, Pinterest was the fourth largest social network, with over...

000 – Introduction to the Novel Marketing Podcast

Want to know what the Novel Marketing podcast is about? Here’s the Reader’s Digest version of who we are and what we hope the podcast will give you in the days, months, years, and millenniums to come. (We’re not sure about the millennium part.)

Is Pinterest Right for You?

Pinterest is one of the fastest-growing social networks and brings in lots of referral traffic to blogs (according to one study, more traffic comes from Pinterest than Twitter). While one tweet may bring in traffic to your blog for a day, a pin could bring traffic to...

Does Your Website Pass the Radio Test?

When you say your website on the radio can listeners find it? Can they spell it? The radio test is not just important for the radio. Anytime someone talks about your website you want to make sure the listener goes to the right site. Here are 7 tests to see if your website passes the radio test.

How to Add GoodReads Book Reviews to MyBookTable

Did you know that MyBookTable now comes with GoodReads integration? You can now show a books GoodRead’s reviews right on your book page. Show off the reviews you already have on GoodReads while leveraging your website traffic to get even more book reviews. Win Win!

How to Create a Facebook Page in 3 Easy Steps

Pages, or Fan Pages as some people call them, are one of the best ways to promote your book or cause on Facebook. They are much more flexible than groups and won’t dilute your profile with people you don’t know.

Here is how to create a page of your own.

Standard Pages for A Non-Fiction Website

Last week we talked about standard pages for a fiction website. Today, we’re talking to the non-fiction authors. While the pages on your site will mostly be the same, your strategy will be slightly different.   1. Blog/Home While the blog does not have to be on...

Standard Pages for A Fiction Website

Are you a fiction writer building your own site? If so, this post is for you. Through our experience in working with dozens of fiction authors, these are the pages that we’ve found every fiction website needs. 1. Home This is your landing page, the first page your...

How to Take Portraits for an Author Website

This is an article we’ve written for our authors’ photographers. If you are an author about to have a photoshoot for a website, you’ll want to share this resource with your photographer before the shoot. You’ve been hired by an author to take pictures for their new...

4 Signs of A Bad Plugin

Plugins. They're great. They're useful. They save you from having to pay a developer to spend hours coding your site to contain all the functionality you need or want. But plugins come with a dark side: they can interfere with other parts of your site. Sometimes they...

How to Add a Plugin to Your WordPress Site

One of the great things about Wordpress.org is its flexibility. Unlike other platforms, such as Blogger & Wordpress.com, Wordpress.org allows you the ability to add functionality to your site in the form of plugins. What is a plugin, exactly? The technical...

R.I.P. Google Reader: An Obituary

Yesterday, Google Reader breathed its last breath. Many of us at Author Media used Google Reader for years in order to keep up with all of our favorite blogs. We know many of you did so as well. With that knowledge, we felt it was only fitting to honor Google Reader...

It’s Time to Switch Away From Google Reader

Are you reading this in Google Reader? If so, this should be the last post of ours that you read in Google Reader. It’s time to make the switch. Readers, have you made the switch? In case you’ve forgotten, Google Reader shuts down on July 1. That’s in just a few days....

The Best Way to Track Site Statistics

What do your readers want? Without knowing the answer you can’t make them happy. Tracking your site stats allows you you to make adjustments to thrill your readers. If you want advocates you need to read this post.

How to Put Social Media on Autopilot – So You Can Finish Your Book

We recommend that you engage your readers to maximize the effect of your social media presence. But sometimes you just need to focus on your book to hit a looming deadline. So what to do? The answer is putting your social media on auto pilot. This is better than going...

How to Use Google Plus to Easily Record A Video Blog

When someone talks about the advantages of video blogging for your author platform does your heart start to race with that how-am-I-going-to-find-time-to-learn-another-new-thing feeling? First you’d have to figure out what technology you need, then you’d have to buy...

How to Create A Custom Widget in WordPress

So, you want to make a custom widget for your sidebar or footer, but don't know HTML?  Never fear!  There's a pretty nifty trick you can use to create a custom widget in Wordpress. (A "widget" is simply a section of content on your site, most often in the sidebar or...

101 Tweetable Quotes For Authors

Need a little pick me up? A dash of encouragement to share with your writer friends on Twitter? We’ve got you covered. Big time.

Our Viral Blog Post Formula

We’re sharing our secret blog post formula with the rest of the world. Good blog posts should happen more often. We’re helping that happen.

6+ Reasons Why Authors Should Avoid GoDaddy

There was a time when I had almost 40 domains with GoDaddy. I started using them almost ten years ago, back when GoDaddy was a new website with dungeon low prices.

Now I don’t own a single domain with GoDaddy. Here are six reasons why you should move away from GoDaddy too.

Why You Need A Hashtag For Your Next Book

Twitter isn’t going anywhere.
The sad thing is, most authors are ignoring it. They can’t afford to.
Here’s why you should use a hashtag for your next book.

How to Upload a File to Your WordPress Site

In our last post we talked about creating a pdf. Now, it's time to upload the file to Wordpress. We're going to show you how to do this in Wordpress 3.5. If you haven't updated yet, we recommend doing so. Note: in your website, this is going to look like a hyperlink....

How to Create a PDF

Let’s say you want to add an article to your Wordpress site. You want it to print “just right”, so simply pasting the content into a new page or post won’t work. What’s the best solution? Create a PDF file and upload it to your site. Don’t know how to do that? Here is a simple guide.