Curious Cathy

She has a lot of questions. She is coming to your website for answers.

How to thrill:

Book Buying Betty

She Wants to buy your book and browse your backlist.

How to thrill:

  • Make book covers clickable
  • Buy buttons to all the book stores
  • Provide bonus content for the books she has already read
    • DVD Special features
  • Add MyBookTable
  • Sign up to be the first to know about new books.


She likes YOU. For her, you are a celebrity.

How to thrill:

  • Keep the mystery. Give a little, not a lot.
  • Put links to your social media profiles
  • Post interesting things on social media.
  • Respond to her when she pings you on social media

Impatient Irene

She wants to read your next book NOW and if she can’t read it she wants to know when it will come out.

How to thrill:

  • Have an email subscription form
  • Progress bar showing your current progress.
  • Add the My Book Progress plugin.

Reading Club Rhonda

She organizes a book club. She is thinking about picking your book for her club.

How to thrill:

  • Have printable discussions questions
  • Video Lessons
  • Offer Bulk Book Ordering
  • Offer to join the club for a visit

Event Coordinator Connie

She is thinking about booking you for her an upcoming event.

How to thrill:

  • List talks that you are ready to give.
  • List previous places you have spoken
  • Provide audio and sample of your speaking
  • Provide a Speaking Introduction length bio
  • Provide High Resolution headshot
  • Add MySpeakingPage

Journalist Jessica

She is working on an article and wants to mention your book. She is considering bringing you on her radio show.

How to thrill:

  • High Resolution Headshot
  • High Resolution Book Cover
  • Long Bio
  • Links to previous media mentions
  • Thinking about creating a media contact page plugin.

Tom the Troll

He hates you and wants to cause.

How to thrill:

  • DONT!!!!
  • Don’t feed the trolls.
  • Remove comments
  • Seth Godin, CopyBlogger, Michael Hyatt don’t have comments.


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