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In this episode we are going to talk about 2018, the most popular episodes and what we learned.

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Top 10 Most Downloaded Episodes

#10 140 How to Develop Multiple Streams of Money from Your Writing Career with Joanna Penn

In this episode, we shared an episode of the Creative Funding Show where Thomas talked with Joanna Penn about the multiple ways you can make money from your writing career that you might have never considered.

#9 137 How to Write Short Stories that People Will Love

In this episode, we talked about writing short stories that work, that people like, that readers have to get more of. We were joined by of the best authors in the world to talk about the subject: James Scott Bell.

#8 132 How to Blog Your Book Ahead of Time

In this episode we talked about how to blog your book, and if you SHOULD blog your book.

This was our first episode primarily for nonfiction writers!

#7 145 How to Create a Reader (Lead) Magnet

In this episode, we talked about how to craft a reader magnet to get more email subscribers. A reader magnet is a prize your readers get in exchange for giving you their email. They can dramatically improve how fast your email list grows.

#6 143 Book Marketing 101: Author Advertising

In this episode, we talked about four advertising fundamentals that apply when buying ads on Facebook, Amazon, GoodReads, and more!

#5 151 How to Write to Market With Chris Fox

In this episode, we talked about how to write to market with Chris Fox. The primary way to write books that people want to read is to write the kind of books that people want to read. The better you know what they want, the better your books will sell.

#4 130 Myths Authors Believe  

In this episode, we talked about a few of the myths and lies writers are prone to believe which can derail us or send us in wrong directions or keep us from going in the direction we should be headed.

Surprisingly not as controversial as Thomas thought it would be.

#3 129 How to Build an Email List Before Your First Book Comes Out Using Short Stories

This episode came from a listener question from Meredith Abernathy who asked: “I keep hearing the advice to start marketing/start a newsletter as early as possible, even before you’re published. I have no books to offer free in exchange for newsletter signups, so of course I have 0 signups. So, is there something I can offer that readers care about, or am I doomed to launch a book to 0 readers?”

Our answer was and is short stories.

#2 150 A Blueprint on How to Launch Your Book

In this episode, we talked about a new course we’ve released that will help you launch your book in a way that will rocket it to success. The course was a one off and an incredible experience.

But we have some good news, the Book Launch Blueprint will return, very soon!

#1 152 How to Write 5000 Words an Hour with Chris Fox

Writing more books helps you make more money. But most authors write slow! In this episode, we talked with Chris Fox about how to write faster and better.


What was popular:

  • Short stories
  • People love Chris Fox
  • Email List Building


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Listener Favorites

Soul Inspirationz by Eloise Whyte

You’ll gain a new relationship with Jesus as you trust him to be your confidant, healer, and life-giving friend.

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