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In this episode, we talk with Lacy Williams about how to get libraries all over the country to buy your indie books. 

One of the best markets available to sell your novels into is one of the most overlooked: Libraries. So today we’re going to talk about how to sell your books into that market in ways that can be highly profitable for you.

And to help us with that, we have bestselling author of over 30 novels, an amazing entrepreneur, mom, wife, and friend, Lacy Williams . 

Questions for Lacy:

  • Why should indie authors want to be in libraries?
  • What is Overdrive?
    1. Draft2Digital
  • How does Overdrive work?
    1. Kobo
    2. Smashwords
    3. Go directly to them- more technological
  • Once your book is in overdrive, how do you get libraries to order your book?
    1. Lacy’s Instructions
  • What criteria do libraries look for in the authors they order from?
    1. WorldCat
  • How do you maximize book sales from library checkouts?
  • What kind of results have you seen from your own Overdrive promos?


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