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If you’ve listened to the Novel Marketing Podcast for a while, you know it is a value-for-value podcast. We don’t charge for the episodes, but we do ask listeners who find them valuable to give back some of that value so the podcast can continue. Listeners who support the show are called Patrons

Patrons get exclusive benefits, such as an extra episode every month. Initially, we hosted only Q&A episodes where I would answer our patrons’ questions live. But lately, I’ve started mixing it up and doing different types of patrons-only episodes.

July Patrons-Only Episode: Marketing in a Recession

Last month, the patrons-only episode was about How to Market Your Book in a Recession. In that episode, we talked about how our current recession differs from the last one. We discussed the impact on authors and what to do about it. 

Recessions tend to knock out some of the old economic winners and replace them with new winners. If you are winning right now with your writing and sales, it is important to know how to keep winning. If you are not winning, you need to know what to do differently. 

We discussed how inflation would affect pricing for indie and traditional authors, as well as how the lockdowns in China impact the supply chains. 

If you become a patron today, you’ll get access to that bonus episode and all the past patrons-only episodes. 

You can listen in most podcast apps. When you become a patron, you’ll receive a special feed that you copy and paste into your podcast app, and all the past episodes will download. If you listen in Pocket Casts or Apple Podcasts, you will get the new patrons-only episodes right there in the app. 

Sadly, it does not work on Spotify.

August Patrons-Only Episode: Your Questions Answered (Q&A)

I record the patrons-only episodes live, so you have the option to ask me questions on the air. That’s exactly what we did in August.

Some patrons sent questions ahead of time, and some asked questions live. I answered each question I received. Toward the end, I shared some trends I see in the publishing industry and what kinds of fiction I think will be hot in five years.  

September Patrons-Only Episode: Pitch Practice with Mary DeMuth

Next month, literary agent Mary DeMuth will join us live, and Novel Marketing patrons will have the opportunity to practice pitching their novels and nonfiction books to Mary. She and I will listen to your pitch and give feedback on what we liked and how we think you can improve. 

To do to participate in this pitch practice, follow these steps:

  1. Become a Novel Marketing patron.
  2. Complete the pitch worksheet. 
  3. Attend the live online event. 

Mary is currently looking for a few new clients to represent. This pitch practice may be more of an actual pitch for some of you. Be sure to listen to my episodes on pitching before you pitch your book. 

If you’re interested in finding an agent, find out what kinds of books and authors Mary represents.

Even if she is not the right fit for your book, this live patrons-only episode will still be a great chance to practice. If we have a lot of participation and it goes well in September, I may host more pitch practice sessions with other agents.

October and Beyond Patrons-Only Episodes: Industry Experts 

Moving forward, I plan to have more industry experts join me for the live Q&A episodes. You’ll get to pick my brain as well as someone else’s. In October, we’ll visit with Derek Doepker. Derek knows indie publishing. He’s a copywriting and advertising expert, so he’s equipped to help indie authors with their novels and nonfiction books.

Find Out What You’re Missing

I don’t want you to miss out on these fantastic opportunities and interviews. When you become a patron of the Novel Marketing show, you have the opportunity to take advantage of all the following perks:

Exclusive Episodes

We’ve got some great content that could help you improve faster and go further in your publishing journey, and I don’t want you to miss it.

Substantial Discounts

In addition to exclusive episodes, Patrons also get a special badge on and exclusive discounts of up to 50% on my courses.

Access to Podcast Tools

Patrons who pledge $10.00 or more every month get access to the Podcast Host Directory, a directory of contact information for over 100,000 podcast hosts. If you want to be interviewed as a guest on podcasts but need help getting in touch with the host, the Podcast Host Directory is an amazing resource. Many patrons pledge at the $10 level just to get access to the Podcast Host Directory.

Featured Patron on Novel Marketing

And finally, at the highest patronage level, patrons are featured on the Novel Marketing podcast.

Why not give it all away for free? 

Because this is my job. My wife has her hands full with three children three years of age and younger. Providing for the family falls on my shoulders. I could make a lot of money as a marketing director, but I prefer hosting this podcast because it allows me to work from home. I am thankful I can provide for my family by helping authors. I wouldn’t be able to do it without all the lovely patrons who help keep this show on the air. 

Consider this my friendly invitation to become a Patron and unlock all the bonus episodes available to you. Learn more at

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