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Talking Points:

  • How Affiliate Programs Work
    • Percentage of Gross sales 2%-8%
    • Cut of the cart
    • Pay monthly
    • Tracking
  • Amazon’s Affiliate Program
    • Pro: Easiest to Sign Up For
    • Pro: Easiest to Use
    • Pro: Largest Customer Base
    • Pro: Cut of the cart brings in a lot of extra $$
    • Con: Not Available in all states
  • Barnes & Nobles Affiliate Program
    • Con: Not Author Friendly
    • Con: Lowest Payout: 2% – 4%
    • Con: Recently Changed Vendors All Old Links Broken
    • Pro: Works in all states
  • iTunes Affiliate Program
    • Pro: Highest base percentage.
    • Pro: Great interface & reporting
    • Pro: Highest Base Commission 7%
    • Pro: Works in all states
  • International users: Genius Link
    • Automatically localizes your buy links.
    • Automatically inserts correct affiliate code for particular country.





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