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I know, you’re wondering where we’re going with this. You’re probably saying, “Isn’t that the Novel Marketing podcast is all about?” Yes, it is, but in this episode, we’re going to tackle the age old question, should you promote yourself, or find someone else to do it for you?

Talking Points:

Sales 101 – if I say it, if you say it … or a third party

Let another mouth praise you and not your own

What do with think of an author that’s always going on and on about their novels?

You need a vamp / Roy Williams  a short introductory musical passage often repeated several times (as in vaudeville) before a solo or between verses, vamp in front of a camera Talk show host.

Famous vamps:

  • Elvis had …
  • Tom Clancy had …
  • Frank Peretti had …
  • Billy Graham had …
  • The Beatles had …
  • Jesus had …

How do you get a vamp? Or vamps?

  • Co Author
  • Seth Godin
  • Big fish, maybe … but probably not …
  • Endorsements from other authors
  • You vampe me, I’ll vamp you

The care and feeding of your vamp(s)

  • Back scratching
  • The scoops no one else knows
  • Tell them the stories first
  • Give ‘em some free stuff
  • Let them get involved
  • Write a great book.



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