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In this episode, you’ll learn how to connect with anyone in the world. In the last two episodes, we talked about why Word of Mouth is not working and How to Make Word of Mouth Work for You by connecting with Mavens, Connectors, and Salespeople. But HOW do you meet these people?

We’ll show you.

Plus, we’re giving you a Spreadsheet that will make the process simple. It will keep you organized and help you track the people on your “I Want to Meet Them!” list.

But first, Jim, we have to talk about Jim’s new book! The Man He Never Was (affiliate link) just came out.

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Show Notes


As we said earlier, we talked about how Mavens and Connectors and Salespeople are the most powerful way for us to spread word of mouth about ourselves and our stories, but how to we get introduced to them.

Six Degrees of Separation

    • You’d be surprised to find out who your friends know
      • Delilah Rene
  • Define your reason for getting in contact with this person


  • Linkedin
  • Twitter is a tool to use to contact folks directly. People (even ultra famous people) don’t get as many tweets as you’d think. So they read them for the most part.


  • The hardest part
  • You will strike out
  • You will get base hits
  • You will hit home runs
  • If you don’t swing the bat, none of these things will happen
  • Make it worth it for them.

Our Challenge To You

  • Reach out to three people in the next week and then, let us know how it went

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