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In this episode we talk about what to in-between books to keep your brand top of mind with your readers.

This episode idea comes from an email loop I’m part of where one of the people asked what they should do to promote themselves during the down time in-between their book launches.

A number of people responded to the loop by saying they don’t do anything … they just wait for their next book and then start promoting it a few months before it releases. While that’s an option, we have some other suggestions we feel are more conducive to keeping your career going.

A Little Philosophy

  • Airplanes
  • Exercise Equipment Center
  • You are not an author, you are a product

Seven Things You Should Be Doing In-between Books

  1. Website Review
  2. Revise Your Reader Magnet
    • Create a New Lead Magnet
    • Writing Short Stories / Tip Sheets
  3. Guest blogging
  4. Focus on Your Newsletter
    • Work on your drip campaign write an onboarding drip sequence
    • Develop a reserve of strong content
    • Study Mailchimp or whatever company you use
    • Keep your emailing your list some of that great content. At least quarterly.
  5. Get involved
    • GoodReads
    • Facebook Groups
  6. Promote your backlist
    • How to Relaunch a Book With Chris Fox – Episode 134
  7. Learn
    • Mail Chimp
    • Binge Novel Marketing
    • Take a Novel Marketing Course
  8. Rest

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