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A lot of authors are addicted to checking email. Poor email habits hold many authors back from success because it wastes time and zaps mental energy. If you can learn to do email better you will have more time to market your book and more mental energy to write.

Talking Points:

  • Authors are not great at email. Addicted to getting that email from our publisher.
  • Old way to do email.
    • Folders. Lots and lots of folders.
    • Email Rules & Filters
    • Checks for new email every 5 minutes.
  • Merlin Mann: inBox Zero
  • Recommended Folders
    • Need Action
    • Need Reply
    • Need Read
    • Archive
    • Waiting On
  • Rules for Time Effective Email  
    • Turn off auto check for email (or at least notifications).
    • Schedule email
    • Don’t check email. Process Email. Only touch each email
    • Get rid of your topical folders and rules.
  • Don’t be Afraid to start with Email Bankruptcy
  • The emotional side of e-mail
    • What does it give you?
    • What does it distract from?
    • The lies we tell ourselves about e-mail
    • About checking e-mail first thing in the morning

Tools to Cheat:



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