In this episode we’re going to talk about ten advertising terms you need to know.


We started this series with episode 179. Essentially, Thomas and I realized we get caught in a mistake many people do who have been in an industry for a long time. We start talking in a language only we understand. Problem!

When it comes to marketing, we throw around a lot of terms that might not make sense to everyone. To rectify that distressing situation, this is our second in a series of episodes on Marketing Terms You Need to Know. If you missed the first one, again,  it’s episode 179.

In this episode we’re going to talk about 10 ADVERTISING terms you need to know. Then we’ll do one on websites, on newsletters, on branding, graphic design, etc. … so that you’ll be able to understand all facets of marketing when you’re talking to agents, editors and subcontractors.

So you’ll be able to walk the walk and talk the talk.

Last last time, we’ll tell you the term, then briefly describe it, and if it needs more explanation, email us or post on the Novel Marketing Facebook Group and we’ll fill in any gaps.

Ready Thomas?

What is advertising? Bonus term. Everything!

The Terms

  1. Traditional Media
    1. Radio, TV, newspapers, magazines, billboard ads, direct mail
  2. Digital Media
    1. Internet, Smart Phones, Pandora, Spotify, YouTube, F.B., Amazon ads, etc.
  3. Reach
    1. The total number of eyeballs your content or ad reaches
    2. Radio and TV use the word “Cume” to describe this as well, total cumulative audience. How many individual people are reached on a weekly basis on a radio station, or how many people are reached with one TV show.
    3. What is your reach as an author on a weekly or monthly basis? Is this number going up or down? It’s a broad brush analytic on how effective your efforts are.
    4. This term is sometimes referred to as Impressions.
  1. Paid Reach
    1. Paid reach: you are paying to reach these people. F.B. boosted post, AMS ads, etc.
    1. Organic Reach
      1. Other people are reacting to your ad and/or content and promoting it for you, without any cost ($) from you, but it might cost you time.
      2. Example: Retweets, F.B. post shares, forwarding an email, etc.
  • CPM / CPC / CPP
    1. Cost Per Thousand, it is how most advertising is priced.
    2. Cost Per Click
    3. Cost Per Point



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  1. Frequency
    1. Reach or Impressions is how many people you’ve reached once. Frequency is how many times you’ve reached the same person.
    2. This is critical. The first time a reader hears about you, there’s awareness. The second time there’s conviction. The third time people take action. However, most studies show a person needs seven contact before they buy.
    3. Think of how this applies to your newsletters for example. Or other ads.
    4. The Spotlight effect


  1. Retargeting or Remarketing
    1. Showing a follow up ad to someone who has expressed interest in a product
    2. If you’re published, have you ever had this happen with one of your novels?
    3. Highly effective and highly annoying and is a great example of how Big Brother knows everything about you


  1. Automation
    1. Any system that places your ads for you.
      1. AMS ads for example
      2. Your newsletter (if you have an onboarding sequence)
  1. B2B and B2C
    1. B2B is a business advertising to another business (selling to a bookstore)
    2. B2C is a business advertising to a consumer (selling to a reader)


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