2024 Podcast Gear Guide

These prices are constantly changing, and the placeholder prices are averages over time. I have personally tested most of the gear on this list. Most of the links in this guide are affiliate links, which help fund my research on podcasting gear. 

The Podcast Guest ($90)

This setup is ideal for people who want to be popular guests on podcasts. If you are really on a tight budget, it can work for podcast hosting as well. 

Maono PD200x Kit

This microphone can plug directly into your computer, saving you the need to buy a separate mixer or interface. It can also plug into a mixer, making it the perfect starter mic. It can grow with you. It also comes with an arm and a shock mount.

Samson SR350 Over-Ear Stereo Headphones

These are the best studio headphones you can get for less than $20. They are good at isolating sound and give you crisp, easy-to-hear audio without leakage. They are not the best headphones in the world, but they are the best cheap headphones.

The Podcast Host ($300)

This is the go-to setup for anyone just starting with podcast hosting. It could also work for a guest who wants that extra pop in quality.   

Rode Podmic USB 

The Rode Podmic USB is a broadcast-style microphone that can plug directly into your computer via USB, saving you the need to buy a separate mixer or interface. It can also plug into a mixer, so it can grow with you. 

Audio-Technica ATH-M20X Professional Studio Monitor Headphones

These are the kind of headphones that give you crisp, easy-to-hear audio without leakage. The big advantage over the cheaper sr350 is the ATH-M20x are more comfortable for long editing sessions.   

InnoGear Heavy Duty Mic Arm Microphone Stand 

The Rode Podmic is a heavier mic that needs a heavy-duty arm. Using a microphone arm is the best way to get the mic in close for a “radio” sound.

The Pro Podcast Studio ($1200)

With this setup, you will have the exact same gear as the top podcasters in the world. This is a similar setup to what I use for Novel Marketing and the Christian Publishing Show.  


This one piece of gear has the power of a radio studio while simultaneously being simple and easy to use. It reduces background noise and sweetens your audio. It can take live phone calls through your phone and supports up to 2 microphones and much so more.  

Shure SM7B

This is the dynamic microphone top podcasters like Joe Rogan use. According to one audio engineer I talked with, it outperforms microphones that cost $2,000 more. I saw former President Obama using one of these in a recent podcast interview. 

TRITON AUDIO FetHead In-Line Microphone Preamp

This will boost the gain on the SM7B, making you sound louder. It gives you the best of both worlds in terms of dynamic vs condenser microphones. You will need to turn on phantom power on your Rodecaster in order to use this preamp.

Rode PSA1 Studio Boom Arm 

This is one of the most popular mic arms. It is strong, silent, and dependable, just like the guy in that romance you are working on.

Shure A26X 3″ Extension Tube

The SM7b needs this $8 adapter to work with the Rode PSA 1 arm and Fethead Preamp. 

Audio-Technica ATH-M40x Headphones 

These headphones will isolate background noise and allow you to hear exactly what is going into your microphone. They are also some of the best music-listening headphones money can buy. It’s better than Beats and at a fraction of the cost. These are my absolute favorite headphones. 

XLR Cables

Your microphone will need one of these to plug into the Rodecaster. 

Mobile Interview Setup ($350)

This setup will allow you to record an interview remotely without needing a computer or a power outlet.

Zoom H4n Pro

This interface can record onto an SD card or act as an audio interface into your computer. It has inputs for two microphones. If you want to record more people, you will want the Zoom H6 which is more expensive. 

Sure SM48 x2

This microphone has a built-in pop protector and a built-in shock mount. It is rugged and can last on the road.

Bearstar Universal Desktop Microphone Stand x2

This stand gets the mic right where you want it while also folding up small to fit in your bag. 

BAGSMART Cord Organizer Travel

This one bag will hold all your cables, up to 3 microphones, stands, and audio interface in one nice padded compartment. 

XLR Cables

Each microphone will need one of these to plug into the Zoom H4n Pro. 

Speech Recording Setup ($25)

If you teach in-person classes or speak from a stage, this setup will allow you to capture good audio without the need to talk to the sound guy.

MAYBESTA Wireless Lavalier Microphone

This is a Bluetooth lapel microphone that will allow you to get high-quality recordings of your speeches on your phone.

Editing Software ($15/mo)


Hindenburg is the easiest-to-use podcast editing software on the market. It is the only software designed for podcasts and not musicians. It runs on both Mac and PC. 


Descript transcribes your audio into text allowing you to edit your podcast the same way you would edit a word document. It can also edit video. 

Mac Video Gear ($25)

If you have a Mac and an iPhone Xr or better, you can get better video quality from your iPhone than you can get from even the best webcams. I have a guide on this here. You can find Apple’s guide here.

iPhone 12+ Continuity Camera Mount

This mount will allow you to mount your phone above your computer easily. It uses the MagSafe magnet in the back of your phone to pop on and pop off. 

iPhone Xr & iPhone 11

The older iPhones don’t support MagSafe, so you will need a mechanical mount.  This mount will work if you have an Apple laptop.

PC Video Gear ($500)

This is the setup I used to use for video before I switched to using an iPhone as a webcam. I use the same audio gear for video recording that I use for audio recording. Remember this rule of thumb: Spend money on lights before you spend money on cameras.

Elgato Keylight  

This light made an incredible difference in the quality of my videos. It creates a softer, more flattering light than what you will get from a ring light. In other words, it makes you look thinner and younger. The best part of this light is that you can change the light’s color from your computer. Matching light color is key to getting good video quality. 

Elgato Facecam Pro

This camera is arguably the best webcam on the market. To get better video from here, you have to move into an actual camera, which is vastly more expensive and complicated.  

Teleprompter ($300)

A teleprompter allows you to look at a screen while simultaneously looking directly into the camera. This gives you a much more natural look while also putting your notes, or the other person’s face right where you can see it. 

Elgato Propter

What I love about the Elgato Prompter is that it’s not just a series of mirrors for you to use with an iPad. It is the complete package, screen, mirrors, and software. It is dead simple to use and cheaper than using a traditional teleprompter with an iPad. 

Elgato Master Mount

You will need this mount to position your Elgato Prompter. You could use a tripod if you have one, but this master mount will take up less space on your desk.

Microphones to Avoid

Condenser Microphones

Microphones come in two primary varieties: condenser and dynamic. Condenser microphones are extremely sensitive and pick up lots of mouth noises, room echo, and sounds from outside. While they theoretically can sound better, you have to spend thousands of dollars on a soundproof studio to get there. In the real world, they typically sound worse than dynamic microphones.

I like to compare condenser microphones to the hard-to-drive “fast” cars in driving arcade games. It takes hundreds of hours in the arcade to learn how to drive those cars without crashing. Most people will actually drive faster with one of the easier cars. 

This is why most radio stations use dynamic microphones. Despite the fact they have soundproof studios, they still get better real-world sound from dynamic microphones. Back when I did radio, I talked into a dynamic mic. Unless you are doing voiceover work in a sound booth, I recommend you avoid condenser microphones. 

Blue Yeti

This is the most popular podcast microphone, which is a tragedy. It picks up so much room noise the first thing people do after they buy this mic is to start buying other things to try to fix the sound. Those podcasters would sound better and save money if they went with the Samson Q2U.

Blue Snowball 

This microphone produces a somewhat tinny sound and picks up a lot of room noise. The Samson Q2U is only $10 more and a much better microphone. 

Samson C01u 

This was the first podcast microphone I ever purchased. So in some ways, it has a soft spot in my heart. In other ways, I hate this microphone. It was buggy and temperamental. This was not an easy microphone to use, despite the fact it is USB.

AT2020 USB 

This was the microphone I switched to after the Samson C01u. Like other condenser microphones, this mic is particularly sensitive to plosive sounds. Your Ps will pop with this mic unless you buy a pop filter and even then it’s still an issue. There is no reason to spend extra for this microphone when the ATR-2100 USB from the same company is both cheaper and better for podcasting. 

Quiet Lights

I podcast with small children in the house. There are two methods I use to keep child sounds out of my recordings. The first is a solid core door. This costs about $250 plus installation and has been a game-changer. The second method I use is “quiet lights.” My family knows that when the red lights are on, Daddy is recording. I can turn these lights on and off from my desk without leaving my office. 

Standing Lamp

I use standing IKEA lamps with red LED bulbs in them. Any kind of standing lamp will work. 

Elgato Stream Deck Mini

This allows me to turn on and off both the key light and the “quiet lights” with the push of a button.

Philips Hue Smart Plug

This powers the “quiet light” allowing me to control it from my office.  

Philips Hue Smart Bridge 

If you have a smart home, you may already have one of these. If not, you will need it to talk to all of your smart bulbs and plugs.