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Public Service Announcement: Avoid MeMail. Spam is in the eye of the beholder. Listen to our other episodes on email to learn how to do email well. Create emails worth subscribing to.

  1. Offer a Carrot
    1. Short Story
    2. Tips  / Guide
    3. Free book.
    4. Audiobook
    5. Discussion Guide
    6. Easter Egg Guide
  2. Host a Viral Contest (and promote via Social Media). I recommend KingSumo
  3. Host a Webinar and Promote on Social Media
  4. Simplify Your Signup Form.  
  5. Collect Email Addresses at Offline Events (Warning no business cards)
    1. Tear off cards
    2. Website on phones
    3. Sign up sheet
    4. Walk us through …
  6. Include a privacy policy near your sign up form.
  7. Use a non-evil popup (SumoMe).
  8. Install MyBookProgress
  9. When people ask how they can stay in touch with you …


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