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So don’t worry. This post isn’t going to be about the insanity we all just went through. Yeah, I know … whew. But the campaign season that just ended can teach us a salient point about our own copywriting. What works, what doesn’t.

Trump didn’t win the election, Clinton lost it. A quick review for those who might
not know a few pertinent facts.

  • Trump received fewer votes than Romney did in ’12.
  • Trump received fewer votes than McCain did in ’08.

It wasn’t so much that voters turned out for Trump as they didn’t show up for Clinton.


A number of factors, yes, but I think her poor copywriting was part of it.

Question: What was Obama’s campaign slogan in ’08? Hope.


What was Trump’s campaign slogan?

Yep, “Make America great again.”

Hillary’s Turn

What was Clinton’s? (First Lady President?)

I think a great many of you right now are saying, “Wow, I’m not sure …”

It was, “I’m with her.”

Wait, you’re saying, “I thought it was something else.” You’re right. She also went with, “Fighting for us.”

Wait, you’re saying, “I thought it was something else.” You’re right again. She also went with, “Stronger together.”

The Lessons For Us

  • If you are one that likes slogans or taglines, pick one, then stick with it. Realize that if you change it, will take a while for it to sink in. Going from one to another to another will confuse people.
  • People aren’t stupid, but they’re not studying your slogan. Make it simple for them. Make it something they can remember easily. People didn’t turn out for Clinton because a great many of them couldn’t quickly tell you what she stood for. Fighting? I’m with her? Stronger together? Uh … whatever. When people can’t say what your novels are about quickly and understand how it will benefit them, nothing will stir inside, and they’ll be much less likely to take action.
  • Make your slogan about THEM! Do you want America to be GREAT again? I’m guessing 99 percent of you would say, “Why yes, Jim, I do.” Who is that slogan about? Us. You. Me. Our country. America being great again would directly benefit you, me, my wife, my kids … that stirs an emotion inside.”I’m With Her.”? Not so much. That’s all about Hillary. Makes me think of those campy t-shirts you see some couples wear. Not exactly stirring the passion inside me. How ’bout you?
  • Hillary didn’t give a specific, tangible benefit. “Fighting For Us!” Uh, yeah, great … but fighting for what? “Stronger Together!” Stronger for what?

What are you giving readers? Hope, like Obama gave voters? Making something great again like Trump told voters would happen? Are you giving them freedom? Laughter? Joy? Strength to face the storms of life?

If you feel like, send us your slogan and on a future episode we might give you thoughts on it.

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