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The most important days of your book’s life are the first 30 days after release. During the 30 days, book stores will decide whether to keep your book on the shelves or not. If you have a strong launch, book stores won’t merely keep you on the shelves, they will order more copies.

If you have a bad launch, even the books you thought you sold will be returned to the publisher, unsold. It is tragic and can sometimes kill a book or an author’s career. If your first book doesn’t sell well, book stores will be hesitant to stock any of your future books.

That’s why you need a comprehensive book launch strategy.

Why are book launches so important?

If you’re traditionally published, you’re expected to know how to launch a book and to play a significant role in your publisher’s marketing plan. If you approach your publisher with a strong plan, they are more likely to offer the reinforcements of a marketing budget and their own efforts. Formulating a solid book-marketing plan is a great way to convince your publisher that your book is worth their extra investment.

If you’re publishing as an indie, spreading the word about your book is 100% your responsibility. When you get a bunch of people talking about your book all at once, it generates a buzz. Consequently, even more people hear about your book and want to talk about it.

It’s hard to get people talking about your book that released two years ago, but everyone wants to hear about your brand new book. So don’t waste those precious first days!

To help you make the most of those first 30 days, we have opened registration for the 2021 Book Launch Blueprint. Registration closes Friday, April 9. The course starts on Monday, April 12, 2021.

Cohort Model

All class members work through each day of the Book Launch Blueprint together.

When soldiers march together, they travel farther and faster. When they arrive at their destination, they have more energy than if had they traveled alone. The same is true for authors learning how to launch their books. When you develop your book launch plans in the company of other authors, you are more likely to complete the course and follow the plan you create.

This is why registration closes on April 9, 2021. We want to make sure everyone is able to start together.

The Perfect Blend of Pre-Recorded Sessions and Live Q&A

Each morning, you will watch a pre-recorded video and view the homework. Later in the day, either Thomas Umstattd or James L. Rubart will host office hours to answer your questions live. By the end of the day, you will know the material and have a plan to apply it to your book. 

Your Own Custom Blueprint

Each day, you’ll receive a downloadable handout that will help you build your own book launch blueprint. We provide the cooking classes and the pantry, and then we help you develop the perfect launch recipe for your book. We also answer the questions you have while you’re in the kitchen. The daily homework becomes fun because you get to tailor the strategies to your strengths and your book.

The course is fun!

Some students take the course again because they enjoyed it so much the first time. Speaking of which… 

Grads Who Go Through the Course Again

Returning grads give insight and examples from their previous book launches. They share what worked and what didn’t. You can tap into their experience. In a sense, you get instruction from Thomas and Jim as well as other authors who have been through the process before. These authors can give you feedback and ideas on your blueprint as you develop it.


Going through the course with other authors is also helpful for the long-term. Our authors often join each others’ launch teams and encourage one another long after they’ve finished the course.

Buy Once, Keep Forever

Once you have access to this course, you have it forever. All future upgrades, updates, and improvements will be available to you for no additional cost. 

Encouragement, encouragement, encouragement!

An author’s path is not an easy one. Fatigue, uncertainty, and technical roadblocks often cause overwhelming discouragement. Traveling alone can be dangerous to your author career and your book’s success. But our past students have been incredibly supportive of each other. Your fellow class members will provide encouragement and perspective when you tire.

The course works!

Authors who take this course and put it into practice have much better launches than they would’ve had without the course. The Book Launch Blueprint pays for itself in increased book sales. In the months after the course, it’s fun to watch students report on which bestseller statuses they hit. Many of our authors’ books have become the #1 New Release in one or all of their Amazon categories during the launch period.

How much time will it take?

We encourage you to set aside approximately two hours per day. The recorded videos run from 30-60 minutes, each. Plan to spend about an hour on the daily home work. We encourage you to do the homework on the day you receive it, that way all students are working on the same assignment on the same day.

Of course, you can watch the video later or do the homework on a different day, but keeping up with the daily schedule will increase the amount of interaction and insight you receive from your classmates.

Wednesdays will be scheduled catch-up days with no new homework. If you do fall behind, Wednesday is your day to get back up to speed.

Who is it for?

The Book Launch Blueprint is designed for authors who will be releasing a book within 2-24 months of completing the course. If your book isn’t written yet, or you don’t have plans to release it within the next two years, then you may find my Obscure No More course more helpful at this time.

What has changed in the 2021 Book Launch Blueprint?

Each year we update and improve the Book Launch Blueprint. If you are a Book Launch Alum, you get all the new goodies and upgrades for free! Here are the improvements we’ve made to the 2021 Book Launch Blueprint.

Office Hours Every Weekday

We experimented with this in 2020, and it was such a hit that we decided to make it an official part of the course. Each day, Thomas or Jim will hold live office hours where you can ask questions and get answers from Thomas and Jim or other authors taking the course.

Your attendance at the live office hours is optional, but you’ll learn even more when you’re able to join us.

Shifting from 3 Weeks to 4 Weeks 

Wednesdays are now catch-up days where Jim and Thomas will host office hours together. On Wednesdays, there will be no new homework.

New Module

We have a whole new module called “From Tech-Timid to Tech-Savvy” which will help you become a tech-savvy author. Warning: we will forbid the oft-repeated self-defeating declaration, “I’m not a techie person.” If you insist on say it, you must add one word: “I’m not a techie person…yet.”

Updated Modules

The Branding and Copywriting modules are completely overhauled, updated, and improved. The Launch Team module will be updated as well.

New Bonus

All students will receive a copy of Thomas’ course How to Get Booked as a Podcast Guest. This course normally costs $249 but Book Launch Blueprint students will get it for free in addition to all the other bonuses.

Course Overview

Week #1: Ready

  • Monday: Session #1 How to Sell Yourself
  • Tuesday:  Session #2 Branding (Completely revamped in 2021!)
  • Wednesday: Catch Up & Combined Office Hours
  • Thursday: Session #3  From Tech-Timid to Tech-Savvy: How to Master Any Technology (New module!)
  • Friday: Session #4 How to Maximize the Impact of Your Website  

Week #2: Set

  • Monday: Session #5 How to Build a Rabid Tribe of Fans
  • Tuesday: Session #6 How to Create a Launch Team (Updated for 2021)
  • Wednesday: Catch Up & Combined Office Hours
  • Thursday: Session #7 How to Use Email to Launch Your Book
  • Friday: Session #8 How to Write Bestselling Marketing Copy (Completely revamped in 2021!)

Week #3: Go

  • Monday: Session #9 How to Create a Media Editorial Calendar
  • Tuesday: Session #10 How to Write Winning Content for Guest Posts and Articles
  • Wednesday: Catch Up & Combined Office Hours
  • Thursday: Session #11 How to Use GoodReads To Find Your Readers and Sell More Books
  • Friday: Session #12 How to Use Amazon to Sell More Books

Week #4: Run

  • Monday: Session #13 How to Use Marketing Psychology to Create a Frenzy For Your Book
  • Tuesday: Session #14  How to Have a Wildly Successful Launch Day
  • Wednesday: Catch Up & Combined Office Hours
  • Thursday: Session #15 How to Nail Media Interviews
  • Friday: Session #16 How to Grow Momentum During The Next 30 Days

How much does the course cost?

If you hire a PR firm to launch your book, it will cost you $3,000 to $10,000. PR firms tend to focus mostly on booking you for radio shows and podcasts. This course will teach you how to get media bookings, but it covers so much more than that. 

The course is not $10,000 or even $3,000 or even the $1,200 – $1,400 we’ve seen similar courses sell for.

The Book Launch Blueprint is a one-time investment of just $749 or 12 payments of $79.


When does it start?

Registration closes April 9, and class begins on Monday, April 12.

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Peter and his wife visited a different Christian Church every Sunday for a year. This book is their story. Discover more about Jesus’s church, the people who go there, and just how vast our practices and worship are.       
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