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Last episode we talked about why Word of Mouth ISN’T working for you. In this episode, we talk about how you can make Word of Mouth work for you. Spoiler Alert: some people are more important to spreading your idea than others. Find out who those people are and how to reach them.

Target The Important Few


  • Mavens care about the quality of the product. Make sure your book gives them what they want.
  • You can’t add your own books to GoodReads lists, Mavens do that for you.
  • Send free books to the super nerds of your genre.

Focus on Connectors

  • Connectors care about if they know you personally or not.
  • Invest in Influencers (Popular bloggers, people with platforms. )
  • Go to conferences that the influencers go to. Build relationships. Focus on other writers, not just on agents and editors

Focus on Salespeople

  • Salespeople care about you if are one of them or not.
  • Take a stand.

How to Craft a Viral Message

  • Be controversial – Animal Farm
  • Be sticky – Have a simple pitch that can spread for person to person. How to Win Friends and Influence People.
  • Be remarkable – Be shockingly different. Amish Vampires in Space. Jimmy Fallon/The Tonight Show
  • Advertise – Throw rocks in the ponds you want to see ripples in.
  • Incentivize – Reward People for sharing your content. Enclave Viral Contest
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