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In this episode we answer questions from listeners like you. If you would like to ask a question for a future Q&A episode click here.

Question 1

“My question has to do with a specific niche – my novel is Christian fiction, including dragons, but not your typical fantasy with magic, talking critters, etc., so it doesn’t exactly fall into the genre of fantasy. So… how would you suggest I best go about finding bloggers, podcasters, and reviewers who are sympathetic to this self-published Christian fiction writer’s dilemma? Thanks… again, I love the show!” Carey Green

Question 2

“Love your podcast and did a marathon too of the posts. My question pertains to Goodreads. I don’t do much on the site as an author but I thought of doing a giveaway for my next book release. However, after Googling it, I discovered an issue with Trolls on the site and how an innocent giveaway could turn into a author bashing session in the forums and and comments.” Liss Thomas

Question 3

“My question is this: I’m looking for the next way to expand, and am curious about author blog tours. Are these worth the time and effort? Or is it better to focus on my target market rather than other authors? Also… what about contests? They’re expensive to submit. Worth it?” Lori Bentley Law

Question 4

“Should I mention my website in my query letter to agents? Once my novel is picked up, I plan to market it separately. I am at the very early stages, so I risk looking under-developed, yet if I don’t mention it, I lose the leverage of the efforts I have already put in. I would appreciate your opinion on this. And thank you, again, for the very valuable podcasts.” Cindy Tansin

Question 5

“I’m a bit overwhelmed by the number of marketing choices between Facebook, and blogging, and Twitter and Pinterest, and YouTube. I just don’t have time for everything. If I had to chose one of these things to do for marketing, which is most important one? Could you put them in order of what should be my priority?” Ron Compton

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