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Show Outline:

  • Here’s the run-down on how I threw the FB Party:
  • What is a Facebook party?
  • How do You prepare?
  • How did you promote?
  • What prizes did you use?
  • How to you run a Facebook party. (Jim)
  • I had a core group of people (~30) on a launch team who committed to attending and invited others. When the event went live (about 2 weeks before the party) they spread the word very effectively and we ended up having 4,000 people invited. 316 attended.
  • I’d previously attended about four FB parties and took a lot of notes on what I liked, didn’t like, etc. I then pre-planned the party, down to what I would post at what time, what I’d be giving away, videos I’d be sharing, etc. I posted every 10 minutes.
  • Posts included 5 giveaways, three 2-minute long video interviews, Q&A for the audience, small scene clips from the book, a few blog posts, and then some fun random pictures of snacks or Pinterest inspiration. (I can give a much more detailed list of things to include in posts if you need it.)
  • I announced the FB party via blog, social media, and newsletter one week prior, one day prior, and then the day of.
  • On the day of the party, I had another person (hubby) come in to help with behind-the-scenes. He was in charge of taking down names and drawing winners for prizes. My job was to interact with the attendees and to post the main pictures and giveaways.
  • The party ran for two hours (though, in hindsight, I think it should have been longer. Maybe 3 or 4.)
  • Nadine where can we find out more about you?



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