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In this episode we’re going to talk about overcoming the fear of your writing being wrong.


A listener named Paul wrote to us and said, “I’ve attempted to write truth; that which you call Non-Fiction, and I’m afraid I’ll be found in error, and be put to shame by well-known, more educated minds, than mine!”

Jim- I can relate! This fear held me back for years.

Talking Points

  • Do you believe all the same things you believed 10 years ago? So were you wrong then, or are you wrong now?
  • Text books from 50 years ago
  • Everyone is wrong
  • Flat Earth (Netflix)
  • Factfulness

Ideas for Overcoming This Fear

  1. Accept the fact that you might be wrong
  2. Have the mindset of presenting what you believe, not what you know
  3. Become an expert (read!)
  4. Workshop your material
  5. Use Beta Readers (Research Team)
  6. Ultimately you’re sharing an opinion
  7. When people say, “You have no idea what you’re talking about!” realize they’re just giving their opinion.
  8. You’re interested in this subject, and by being challenged, you’ll learn more and be able to offer more on the subject
  9. You’re not truly dealing with fear, but with anxiety. You’re dealing with the future which has not happened yet. You’re allowing thoughts in that could be completely false. You’ve imagined what MIGHT happen, what if you were to imagine what MIGHT happen in the opposite direction? That your book becomes the landmark writing on your subject?
  10. There’s a verse in the bible that applies to life whether you’re a follower of Jesus or not, “Beware when all speak well of you.” Luke 6:26


Lauren is the author of, the TimeDrifter fantasy series where readers can explore ancient civilizations from a Christian worldview. Lauren says her stories happen where the real world collides with the fantastic.

Thank you, Lauren!


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