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In this episode, we are going to talk about a few of the myths and lies writers are prone to believe which can derail us or send us in wrong directions or keep us from going in the direction we should be headed.  

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Roland Denzel ( I’d love to hear you talk about other cliches (or lies) on book marketing. …like the best marketing is writing your next book OR writing a good book is your best marketing


  • Myth: Word of Mouth is Enough to Make Your Book a Success.
    1. Truth: people live in bubbles and word of mouth is not enough.
  • Myth: If you sign with a traditional publisher you don’t need to worry about marketing.
    1. Truth: You are always responsible for your marketing, even if you are traditionally published.
  • Myth: Indie authors don’t make money.
    1. Truth: Some Indie authors make millions a year.
  • Myth: Traditional authors don’t make money.
    1. Truth: Some traditional authors make millions a year.
  • Lie: You can make a living writing from your heart.
    1. Truth: you can make a living writing for your readers.
  • Myth: don’t read other writers work, or you’ll end up imitating them
    1. Even if you try, it will come through your filters and ultimately sound like you
    2. Practicing writing like other writers can help you develop your voice
  • Myth: Don’t share your story ideas … they’ll be stolen
    1. It takes a community to write a novel
      • That’s another myth, that writing is a solo endeavor.
    2. Ideas are a penny a dozen, the execution is the hard part

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Driver Confessional by David L. Winters, A Christian ride-share driver lands in hot water with the Russian mob. Antonio and his cop brother must solve a murder before it’s too late.  

More Myths

  • Myth: Posting about your book on social media is an effective form of marketing.
    • Only a fraction of your followers will see your post and only a fraction of them will click your link. Only a fraction of them will then buy your book. Social media is for listening and conversation, not for promotion.
  • Myth: You Should Never Write for Free
    • Writing for free can open up doors for you
    • Your enemy is not piracy, it is obscurity.
  • Myth: If you blog a book first no one will buy it.
    • Truth: your blog readers will be the first in line to buy your book just like book readers are the first in line to watch the movie based on the book.
    • Julie and Julia

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