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Your Celebrity

  • Fabio Story
    • Publisher Avon Books estimated his image increased sales by as much as 33% when he appeared on the cover with a woman;
    • 45% when he appeared alone.
    • Each photo session would get Fabio in about 16 cover poses that artists could reuse for multiple covers. He’s on more than 2,000 book covers.
    • The guy most famous for bare-chested covers made very little money from posing for them. He used his popularity to turn himself into an iconic brand.
    • It is easier to turn fame into fortune, than it is to turn fortune into fame. And that is how you make money as an author.
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  • Dave Ramsey’s Envelope System Wallet
  • Merchandise
    • Study Guide
    • A Poster of Your Book Cover
    • A Poster of the Map of your world.

Your Knowledge

  • Info Products
    • Audio Courses (Ted)
    • Video Courses (
    • Focused eBooks & PDFs
  • Speaking
    • Speaking Fees
      • Themes
      • Radio interviews
    • Back of the Room sales
      • Find audiences to speak to about your book.
    • Cultivate Evangelists
  • Coaching
    • Helping other authors through the self publishing process.
    • Coaching on your area of expertise.
  • Podcasts
    • Sell ads.


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