Denica McCall, author of Flowers in the Darkness


While I do write novels, I have just put out a poetry book(my first published book). The book is partly being used to raise funds for a local organization fighting human trafficking. What I’m wondering is, what kinds of places should I look to connect with that might help me sell the book, and also: how would it work if, say, a church wanted to buy several copies? It’s self-published through amazon, so would they buy the copies at print cost, and then split up the profit between themselves and me? Or would that be up to each specific location? Thank you!



Michael Emert, author of Dwarves of Getallumane

Question: Asks about cover art rights.

Jamie Foley, author of the book Sentinel


We all know about the importance of a ‘hook’ in writing, but I’ve heard two very different definitions. The book ‘The First Five Sentences’ defines a hook as a sort of marketing ploy in the first sentence and first few paragraphs to grab the reader’s attention. But the loose definition sounds something like an event that occurs somewhere in the first few chapters that delivers a promise to the reader regarding what the full story has to offer.

Which definition is correct, and how important is the hook for marketing reasons such as free sample chapters? Thanks! Keep up the great work. ūüôā Jamie



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