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Show Outline


  • Episode 1 was on Oct 7, 2013
  • A lot has happened over the last four and a half years.
  • Jim has won half a dozen book awards
  • Thomas spent time as the marketing director for a publishing company.
  • We went a couple of years only posting every other week.
  • Starting summer of last year we went back to a weekly show and we’ve loved it … it’s been a ton of fun.
  • Now we would like to talk about the future of the podcast.

We Want to Make the Podcast Even More Useful to You and More Beneficial to us

  • Monthly Resource (Like the spreadsheet we gave away last week)
  • We are excited to announce: The Novel Marketing Patreon Page
  • $2 Level
    • Warm (maybe even toasty warm) feelings inside you, knowing you’re keeping Thomas and James on the air
    • Access to the Patron Only Community Discussion
    • Monthly Resource Archive
    • Exclusive Patron Only Discounts:
      • 20% discount on back cover copywriting
      • 25% discount on the MyBookTable Pro WordPress Plugin
      • 25% discount on the MySpeakingEvents Pro WordPress plugin
      • 25% discount on the MyBookProgress Pro WordPress plugin
      • 50% discount on The Five Year Plan to Become a Bestselling Author
      • 50% discount on The Tax & Business Guide for Authors
      • Over $160 in discounts. You would have to be a Patron for 6 years before you caught up to all those discounts.
    • All that for $2 a month!
  • $5 Level 
    • Exclusive Monthly Q&A Episode (like a more exclusive version of the Q&A extravaganza)
    • Special Monthly Episode Bundle where we package several popular episodes on a specific topic and give you private access.
    • Ebook of your choice of one of James’ novels, Rooms, Book of Days, or The Chair
  • $8 Level
    • Everything in the previous levels.
    • This level is limited to only 16 people.
    • Your book and website featured on Novel & on
    • Your book(s) and website mentioned on the show every quarter
    • Two ebooks of your choice from any of James’ nine novels, Rooms, Book of Days, The Chair, Soul’s Gate, Memory’s Door, Spirit Bridge, The Five Times I Met Myself, The Long Journey to Jake Palmer, The Man He Never Was

Stretch Goals:

  • $100 Stay a Weekly Show
  • $200 Episode Transcripts
  • $350 Legacy Transcripts
  • $500 Live Q&A

What Won’t Change

  • We will still have free episodes for you here every week (assuming we hit our first goal)
  • Otherwise, we will still have free episodes every other week.
  • The podcast will keep getting better as we are more connected with our listeners and have more energy to devote to the podcast.
  • You can still ask questions for free. We will still spend whole episodes answering significant questions.
  • You can still get the monthly resource for free the month it comes out.

At this point, you’re probably asking, okay, well how do I get connected? Easy: Go to and click “Become a Patron.”

Sponsor: Our sponsor this week is of course, the Novel Marketing Podcast Patron Page!

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