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In this episode, we talk about the recent changes Mailchimp has made and how it affects you as an author.


  • MailChimp (Affiliate Link) is still the best for free email.
  • MailerLite (Affiliate Link) is the cheapest option if you want automations
  • ConvertKit (Affiliate Link) is the best for quality.

The reason we’re calling this episode ninety point five is it’s kind of a bonus episode, ‘cause it’s quite timely.

If you haven’t heard, Mailchimp has made changes in their business model that is sending–in some people’s opinions– shock waves through the author community.

Now if you’re not a Mailchimp user, this episode might not be applicable to you, but we think it still could be, because the principles we’re going to chat about will apply to whatever email marketing service providers you use.

With that in mind, we’re going to do this episode a little different. I’m going to interview Thomas as if I’m you … so I’m hoping to ask the questions you might have about this huge shift Mailchimp has just introduced.



  • Can you give us an overview, for those of us who haven’t heard about what changed, what is going on with Mailchimp?
  • Do you see this happening with other newsletter marketing providers?
  • Grandfathered in …
  • New users …
  • Other providers …
  • CRM platform — short for Customer Relationship Management. Essentially, Mailchimp wants to be your go-to platform for managing the entirety of your relationship with a customer, not just for email marketing.
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