Intro Paragraph:

Expensive, but the REACH is unparalleled.

1967 the cost was $42,000 for a 30. Today 5 million  

Spending that kind of money means you have to create a great ad


Talking Points:

  • Seahawks


  • One of the biggest TV shows in the world


  • If you have the money, it combats the fragmentation of media like nothing else


  • It’s LIVE TV, that even millennials will watch
  • Humor sells- Doritos
  • Going for the heart sells- Ram Trucks Farmer spot. Mean Joe Green and coke a million years ago.
  • Getting the audience involved sells- Doritos again! Users
  • What sells and doesn’t sell
    1. Spots that don’t feature the product: Greatest Super Bowl ads of all time. Christian Science Monitor
    2. GEICO
    3. Old Spice- Your Man Could Smell Like …

When thinking about your newsletters, blog posts, FB, Twitter, etc., you’re not spending 5 million dollars, but there is a cost, so spend your creative dollars wisely.


The Five Year Plan to Becoming a Bestselling Author

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