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Good marketing helps a bad book fail faster. To succeed, you need a great book and for that, you need a great editor. In this episode, learn how to find and work with an exceptional editor with special guest Karen Ball co-host of the Write from the Deep Podcast.


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About Karen

James first met Karen back in 2007 and we connected over our mutual love of a TV show called Alias Smith and Jones … not that that’s dating us or anything. Since then Karen and I have become dear friends. And she was the executive editor on my first novel, Rooms. So I’ve seen first hand what a brilliant editor she is. Karen has run the editorial departments at some of the world’s leading publishers. She’s playful, smart, a straight shooter, has a massive amount of wisdom about publishing and editing and is the author of a brand-spanking new book called, Finding and Working with an Editor: Everything You Need to Know for a (Nearly) Pain-Free Edit


  • Why is it important to have an editor?
  • What mistakes do authors make looking for an editor?
  • Where is the best place to find an editor

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Lucia’s Renaissance by CLR Peterson

Heresy is fatal in late Renaissance Italy, so only a suicidal zealot would so much as whisper the name of Martin Luther. But after Luther’s ideas ignite a young girl’s faith, she must choose–abandon her beliefs or risk her life in the turbulent world of late sixteenth-century Italy. You can find a link to this book in the show notes and on

More Questions:

  • What advice do you have for authors working with an editor?
  • What mistakes do authors make working with an editor?
  • How do authors get the most bang for their buck when working with an editor?
  • How can a writer become their editor’s favorite client?
  • Should writers look for an editor that loves their particular genre?
  • It’s doubtful the editor and writer are going to agree on every edit. So what are the best ways for a writer to have healthy discussion about differing opinions?

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