Are you scheduled to come on a podcast as a guest? If you want to be invited back, or appear on any other podcast interviews for that matter, you need to have good audio.

Many authors make the mistake of using their laptop’s microphone and speakers. This will undermine your quality and scare away popular podcasts that expect good audio.

The key to sounding great on a podcast is to have some kind of microphone and over-the-ear headphones.

  • The microphone makes you sound professional and credible.
  • The headphones prevent echoes and ensure that you can hear the host clearly.


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Here are three packages I recommend depending on your budget.

The Minimum ($20):

The Logitech H390 headset is a great all-in-one solution. You will sound a bit tinny, but this will still be much better than using your computer’s audio.

“A $20 USB headset will make you sound better on a podcast than a $2,000 laptop will.” Click to Tweet.

The Bang for Your Buck ($60):

This bundle will give you the best quality per dollar.  This setup is 90% of the quality of the Studio Setup at half the cost.

The Studio Setup ($135):

This setup will help you sound more like a co-host than a guest. This is the setup to get if you have a lot of interviews coming up or if you are thinking about starting a podcast of your own. The ATR2100 is one of the most popular podcasting microphones and likely the mic the host is using. The ATH-M20 headphones are excellent for podcast editing.

For the most amazing musical headphone experience, splurge for the ATH-M40x headphones. I have these, and I love them. They are the best pair of headphones I have ever owned. Music on these will sound just like what the producer in the studio heard when he mastered the song.

Final Note: Most of these links are affiliate links. Also, Amazon tends to change prices from day to day, so your prices may vary.

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