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Are you a novelist? Do you want to sell more of your books?  If yes, we think you’ll love this brand new Podcast.

It’s a Podcast on marketing designed specifically for novelists. For novelists who love marketing and even more so for novelists who would love the need for marketing to disappear forever.

The hosts of the Novel Marketing Podcast are Author Media CEO Thomas Umstattd Jr, and Best-selling author and Marketing Guru James L Rubart.

The Podcast is fast-paced, and fun (we hope!) We break down the often overwhelming task of building your platform into manageable steps and then make those steps super easy to take. Plus at least once a month we’ll bring on an expert on a specific facet of marketing and glean their wisdom.

Our goal is simple: Teach you the secrets of promoting your books, and yourself, online, offline and everywhere in-between.

Who is the Novel Marketing podcast for?

We’ve designed the podcast for busy authors who know they have to do marketing, but would rather write than promote their books. The episodes are quick (15 minutes long max and often shorter) and are focused on tips that you can put into effect immediately.

So what is a podcast anyway?

A podcast is a radio show that automatically downloads to your Smartphone or iPod. Don’t have a Smartphone? No worries you can listen online as well.

What’s the Cost?

Nada! Nothing! Zip! The Novel Marketing podcast is 100% free and contains no calories whatsoever.

How do I subscribe?

You can subscribe in iTunes by clicking here.

You can subscribe in your pod catcher of choice by clicking here.

New Episodes Every Monday

Current Episodes:

005 – You Are Watched by Editors and Agents – How to Make Them Like What They See
004 – How to Write Your Novel in a Month
003 – Autopilot Marketing for NaNoWriMo
002 – Do authors still need a website?
001 – What is Marketing?
000 – Introduction to the Novel Marketing Podcast

We’d love to have you join us!


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