Your Name

  • The middle initial can get you in trouble
  • Radio and TV interviews
  • Who do people know you as?
  • Radio and TV
  • Who do you think of yourself as?
  • Jim/James on Facebook
  • Stephen King/Steve King
  • What should people call you?
  • Can be a positive
  • What if you have a common name?


  • Middle name?
  • Maiden name?
  • James L. Rubart books?
  • Buy their domain name
  • Okay if there’s a bit of distance between you genre wise
  • Use initials?

Radio Test

  • Thomas Brown …. Or Thomas Brown?
  • Rubart
  • Umstattd
  • Change it?
  • Arnold
  • Once people get it, they remember it

Consistent Name Across All Platforms

  • Email
  • LinkedIn
  • Facebook profile/page
  • Twitter

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