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MyBookTable is now the #1 WordPress Bookstore plugin in the WordPress repository.

We have been hard at work making MBT even better. We are excited to announce Version 1.3, now with GetNoticed! Integration and much more. Props to Tim Zook, the lead developer on this project.

What is MyBookTable?

If you are not familiar with MyBookTable I recommend you watch the following 1 minute video.

You can get MyBookTable for free from the WordPress plugin repository. Note that you must be using to be able to use plugins like MyBookTable.

New Features in MyBookTable 1.3

We have added the following new features since MyBookTable Version  1.2, which we released back in August.

New: GetNoticed! Theme Integration


Michael Hyatt’s GetNoticed! Theme is about to become the most popular WordPress theme for authors. Right now it is in a closed beta test. We have been working with Michael’s team and beta testers to ensure that MyBookTable is GetNoticed! ready.

And by “GetNoticed! ready” we mean that MyBookTable takes GN book pages to a whole new level.

  • MyBookTable is now fully GetNoticed! compatible.
  • MyBookTable can import GetNoticed! book pages, turning them into MyBookTable book pages.
  • MyBookTable replaces GetNoticed’s book functionality while protecting your data. If you deactivate MBT your GN book features will reappear.

New: Tutorial Videos & Usability Improvements

Easy Button

We have not only made MyBookTable easier to use, it now comes with even more tutorial videos.

Added: More Buy Buttons

We have added the following buttons:

  • Kobo Button
  • Alibris Button
  • Scribd Button
  • Powell’s Button
  • Sony Reader Button
  • Apple iBooks Button

New: Internationalization


We were blown away by the number of requests from around the world. So, with the help of developers around the world, we have started adding internationalization.

Here are some examples of people using MyBookTable in other languages:

Internationalization is not complete and there are still some bugs that need to get worked out. We don’t support every language and you will still need to do your own translation. So this is still a work in progress. But, we wanted to show off the first folks to get MBT working in their own language.

Added: More Fields

We added optional fields for “Publisher” and “Publication Year”.  Using these fields will make your publisher happy. They also help with GetNoticed integration, which uses those fields.

Added: More Book Widgets

We have added a new widget that can show books by Authors, Genres, or Series.

Improved: Even Better SEO

SEO Definition

One of the wonderful things about making the plugin available for free is that a lot of people use it and suggest improvements. Someone suggested that we make the buy buttons “no-follow” links. What this means is that you won’t be boosting Amazon’s rankings when you link to them. This will give you an extra chance to out-rank Amazon for your own books. We thought this was an excellent idea so we added it to the plugin.

 Other Cool Improvements

  • Added legal disclosures
  • Added the ability to remove legal disclosures
  • Added the ability to disable affiliate system to the Professional & Developer Add-ons
  • Improved Settings Page Layout
  • Fixed the GoodReads Reviews to be Better Looking and Mobile Responsive
  • Many, many bug fixes, improvements and minor tweaks
  • For a full list of improvements see the MyBookTable changelog.

Show Off Your Book Table

Do you use MyBookTable? Post a link in the comments and we may feature your site in a future post.




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