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It’s January again, which means time for New Year’s resolutions.

It’s easy for resolutions to become bigger-than-life, difficult to keep, and discouraging. While the big dreams are necessary, it’s often the little steps that get us there…or keep us away.

So for our list of suggested resolutions for 2014, we’ve focused on a few simple, easy to accomplish tasks that will help you succeed in accomplishing the bigger goals. We’ve also linked to past blog posts that will help you complete these resolutions in no time.


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Resolutions for Authors

1. Create a Writing Schedule

If you haven’t done so in the past, 2014 is the year to get serious about writing. If you want to become a professional writer, you need to treat writing like your job. That means planning ahead and scheduling what you’re going to write and when you’re going to write it.

Check out our post on making your own customized writing schedule to get started on making a schedule that works for you.

2. Give Yourself Room to Write

Don’t let things like blogging, newsletter writing, and social media control your writing schedule. But don’t let them fall by the wayside, either.

Check out our posts on putting social media on autopilot as well as scheduling your posts in WordPress to learn how to write your blog and social media content at your convenience. That way, you can focus on writing the next bestseller while simultaneously building your online following.

3. Learn to Market Your Novel

With the Novel Marketing Podcast, hosted by James L. Rubart and Thomas Umstattd Jr., learning to market your book is easier than ever. Just download the podcast to your iPod or computer (or even listen online), and give it a listen while your washing the dishes, doing laundry, or driving in the car.

4. Give Pinterest a Try

Pinterest continues to be one of the leading sources of traffic referral. If you want to boost your blog traffic, give Pinterest a shot. But make sure your blog is Pinterest worthy first.

5. Set Up Your Google+ Account

Even if you never use Google+ as your main social media account, there are many other reasons why you want to have your Google+ account set up, including boosting SEO and reducing piracy.

Learn to set up your Google+ account, and enjoy the benefits!

What about you? What are your writing resolutions for 2014?

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