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I’m your host, Thomas Umstattd Jr., and today we are going to talk about Instagram and Bookstagram. We have had requests for an Instagram episode for a long time but I have been waiting to find the right guest. 

My wife follows Nadine Brandes on Instagram and was so pumped about her latest book Romanov that we pre-ordered a hardback copy of it. This was a big deal because my wife is not a big book buyer. She prefers to get classics from the library. 

Nadine Brandes is one of a select few authors who do Instagram well. She is the author of Fawkes, Romanov, and the award-winning Out of Time Series. She currently writes for HarperCollins Publishers and geeks out over Lord of the Rings, British tea, and doing crazy things in the name of book research.

Nadine, welcome to the Novel Marketing Podcast!

Show Notes

Talking Points:

  • How did you get started with Instagram?
  • How did you grow your Instagram following?
  • What is Bookstagram?
    • What is a hashtag?
  • How did you get started as bookstagrammer? 
  • What advice do you have for authors who want their books featured by bookstagrammers? 
    • How important is the cover? 
    • How important is Hardback
    • How important is self published books?
  • What mistakes do authors make when connecting with bookstagrammers?
  • What advice do you have for authors who want to become bookstagrammers themselves. 
    • How important is consistent curation? Like only bookstagramming a certain kind of book?
    • How important is havings a good camera? 
  • Is Instagram for everyone?
  • Any final Instagram tips?
  • Where can our listeners find out more about you?



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