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  1. Find a good pair of headphones. The earbuds that came with your phone can work, or you can go with something higher quality like the Audio-Technica ATH-M20x (Affiliate Link). Good headphones will prevent echos and make sure you fully understand the questions, even on a bad connection.
  2. Invest in a good microphone. Your built-in mic will make you sound like an amateur and will reduce future interview opportunities. This could be the second best investment you make.
  3. Check out our episode on how to prepare for a podcast interview.


  1. Smile!
  2. Be ready early & show up on time.
  3. Crank up the energy. I have a hard time with energy and record these episodes standing up.
  4. Use the host’s name.
  5. Keep your comments brief. Be easily interruptible.
  6. Mention your book title but don’t go on and on about your book. Let the host guide the conversation. The knows what will resonate with the audience.
  7. Find the mute button.
  8. If the episode will be cut down and edited (ala NPR) feel free to take a moment before answering each question to gather your thoughts. That pause will be cut in post production.
  9. Have fun!
  10. Practice


  1. Send a thank you email.
    • Include any links you mention in the episode so the host can add them to the show notes.
    • Make sure to put your website in that list of show notes.
    • Send other topics you would be happy to do an episode on. If the interview went well expect to get a follow up with those other ideas.
  2. Find out when the episode will air and help promote it on launch day.
  3. Listen to the episode. Take notes on how you can improve for the next one.
  4. Encourage your followers to leave a positive review for the podcast on iTunes. Positive reviews are like catnip for Podcasters. If word gets out that bringing you on a show will lead to a flood of positive iTunes reviews you will become an in demand guest right away.
  5. Keep a copy of the episode to send to other podcasts. Podcasters like to interview people they know will be good guests.
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