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This is our 50th episode, and to celebrate we are throw yet another Q&A extravaganza.


Sarena Masco

What advice would you give to someone who is in the process of creating two identifying brands for separate fields? For example, one brand would be as a fantasy author and the other as a graphic designer. Should they try to keep the brands similar so that’s it’s more identifiable to the person or keep them separate because of the different fields?

Thank you for making such an awesome podcast, it’s one of the best ones I’ve heard yet! I can’t wait for more upcoming episodes!

Cheryl Ricker

Seeing as FB has changed the algorithms and lowered the priority of FAN pages or LIKE pages, does it still make sense for authors to have one?

As an alternative, I am considering starting a second Facebook page.   But then, FB caps me off at the 5000 again, so I suppose I’d have to start a new one every time I reach 5000.  Then again, I could copy and post to a few different Miracle Writer pages.

Am I missing some other possibilities?

Carrie Lynn Lewis

Another great podcast! Thanks, guys!

I have a question regarding the Benjamin Franklin example. Benjamin Franklin did a number of things well, but you said he did only one thing at a time.

I’m an artist and a writer. What I’m hearing in this podcast is that I should probably be doing only one thing at a time. When I’m writing, that’s all I do. That’s the work for each day.

When I’m painting, that’s all I do. That’s the work for the day.

So would how would you recommend I divide my work? Is it better in your opinion to dedicate a day to each thing? Monday-Wednesday-Friday I write and Tuesday-Thursday I paint, for example?

Or should I work on each project with dedication? Write a first draft to completion, then paint a painting to completion?

This is something I’ve struggled with for years, so any and all suggestions are definitely welcome.

Lori Bentley Law

Hey guys! I have another question for you. With my independently published novel, I’ve done only Internet marketing. The novel is available either from my website, Amazon, or Barnes & Noble online. I’m wondering about the viability of trying to get the book into boutiques, and how to go about that.

How do I write a press release marketed to small retailers?

Camille Gallinger

Should you work with a book coach? If so when? (I had a bad experience with one and want me to be advised about working with one, if necessary, and knowing when to)


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