These episodes originally aired in 2014 and 2016.

Enclave File #1

For a long time Thomas has worked with and ragged on Marketing directors at publishing companies around the country. Well one of the decided to call his bluff and bring him on the team as the Marketing Director. We have negotiated special access for you our listeners to go behind the scenes in the life of a marketing director in a traditional publishing company. You will find out what works, what doesn’t work and most importantly, learn how the publishing industry really works.

What is Enclave Publishing?

  • Formerly Marcher Lord Press
  • Christian Fantasy and Science Fiction
  • If you are 1 in a thousand there are 2.6 million people on the internet who share your passion.

Why Thomas is excited about this job:

  • Strong Brand
  • Focused Brand
  • Passionate fans


  • No previous marketing director.
  • Limited budget
  • Small
  • New Name

What are you doing first?

  • Clean up the website.
  • Get MyBookTable fully operational.
  • GoodReads Giveaways.
  • Training Calls.
  • Editorial Calendar.
  • Email Campaign.

Enclave File #2

Talking Points:

  • Videos (Great for helping authors shorten & practice their pitch, bad for selling books)
  • MyBookTable (Forced us to get every book on every platform. Getting all our books on iBooks was a bit of a project)
  • Email (Tried weekly and went back to monthly)
  • SumoMe
  • Contests KingSumo
  • PermaFree
  • BookBub


  • Doubled the size of the email list.
  • Doubled Revenue.
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