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In this episode we are going to talk about everything you wanted to know but were afraid to ask … about Amazon Book Ads! And to help us with that is our special guest, Brian Berni …

Show Notes

  • Brian is a former Vatican Secret Archives employee, and is now a bestselling author under multiple pen-names. He blogs for writers and self-publishers at AuthorsTech and is the co-founder of BookAds, an agency that helps authors advertise their books through AMS (which stands for Amazon Marketing Services) and BookBub Ads.


  • What are Amazon ads?
    • Similar to FB ads
    • Big difference … on Amazon people are primed to buy
  • Why are they so popular right now?
    • New updates have happened that shows Amazon believes in this program and they’ve given people better tools to work with
  • Walk us through the process of creating our first ad …
  • What are some of the best practices when it comes to creating amazon ads?
    • Experiment, have a scientist mindset, you’re testing and discovering what works
    • Don’t limit yourself to too few keywords. Use lots!
    • Use auto targeting- improved lately. Try it.
  • What are realistic expectations on how well an ad will work?
    • Tough to answer, but we see trends. Fiction and nonfiction is difference. Non-fiction tends to do better. New books tend to do better
    • Start small. $2 or $3 per day. But run as many ads as you can with your budget
    • Four hundred to five hundred percent return is not unusual
  • What tools make advertising on Amazon easier? What do you use for keyword research, that sort of thing.
    • Words in reviews
    • Be creative with your keywords
    • KDP Rocket
  • What are some common mistakes you see authors makes on their ads?
    • The ads are NOT set and forget
      • At least 3 – 4 times per week, go in and check so you can adjust
    • They don’t use all the tools available
      • Experiment with them
    • They don’t have the fundamentals in place
      • Cover
      • Number of reviews, 10+
      • 150 character book blurb
  • Negative keywords are key.
  • What other changes have you seen in book ads over the last year or so?
    • Getting more competitive, yes, but probably no more than 10% of indie authors are using Amazon ads
    • Consumers are starting to trust these ads, good time to dive in
  • Before we go, tell us about the Indie Author Summit.
    • Online event aimed at those who have never written or finished their novel.
    • Step by step from A – Z.
  • Where can our listeners find out more about you and what you do, Brian? AuthorsTech and at BookAds.

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