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Show Notes:

(James) In this episode, we are going to talk about something different than we usually do. The vast majority of the time we talk about what you need to do with your marketing to heighten your chances to become a bestselling author.

In this episode, we’re going to talk about the big picture. More than just marketing. We’re going to talk about a road map, a course we’ve developed that will not just help, but if you follow it, we absolutely guarantee will make you a bestselling author.

We developed this course for two reasons:

We’ve talked to hundreds and hundreds of writers over the past ten plus who have a deep desire to become bestselling novelists, but keep whacking their heads into the proverbial wall. While they often get solid information on blogs, or at conferences, or on websites and in book, there wasn’t a map, one place where they could be guided around all the pitfalls. So we wanted to give them that map, so they could speed up the time it takes to become a bestseller.

(The average time for most bestselling novelists is ten years.)

Second, Dan Foley, a long time listener the podcast, dropped us a note and said he realized he only had a vague idea of what specific steps he needed to take to become a bestselling novelist and asked if we could help. Thomas said there was nothing out there that gave a detailed five year plan so we should create course and here we are.

Course name: The Five Year Plan to Becoming a Bestselling Author

Thomas joked, “It’s our five year plan to becoming an overnight success.” But that’s exactly what it is.


  • Year 1, Learn The Fundamentals of Writing
  • Year 2, The discipline of writing, how to become a disciplined writer.
  • How to write even on your bad days.
  • Year 3, How to become an excellent writer
  • Year 4 How to become an industry insider
  • Year 5 The Marketing piece which has become an absolutely critical piece


  • How to Pitch Your Novel Video
  • Conference strategies
  • Encouragement

Who the course is for:

  • Authors who are discouraged and don’t know how to get unstuck
  • Authors who have indie published and have not seen significant sales
  • Authors who have struggled for years to break into traditional publishing and can’t seem to crack the code
  • People who are finally ready to follow the desire they’ve had forever to write
  • Authors tired of finding themselves at the wrong end of a dead end road
  • Authors willing to work hard, if only they knew exactly what needs to be worked on

Who this course is NOT for:

  • Writer’s Looking for a shortcut

Just some of the content of the course:

  • The essential, must-read craft books, how to use the Hollywood formula to create bestsellers, specific episodes of Novel Marketing bundled together, the best writing exercise we’ve found, how to pick your genre, motivation, where to find the best writing groups, how to approach writing conferences, a specific plan for what you should be writing, when you should be writing it, and when (and how) you should submit it.
  • Tips, encouragement, and the pitfalls to avoid, social media … how to become an industry insider, refining your craft till it’s too bright to look at …
  • The Novel Marketing Plan to Becoming a Bestselling Author is a step by step course that will guide you through each month of the year for the next five years. It will guide you in exactly what you need to study each quarter to publish your first bestselling novel.


  • One cup of coffee a week for five years would be $1,300. We decided to make the course one cup of coffee per year which comes out to $24.
  • This will work. If you follow this plan, it will absolutely work for you. We understand the frustration …
  • James’ wish that this course had been around when he’d started

Wrap Up

We’d love it if you’d join us on this journey and love it if you told a friend about this course. This is the kind of course where it would be wonderful to have someone alongside to walk it with you.

Final thought from James:

I was in your shoes. I had the dream, and I wandered for a lot of years to find the answer. I don’t want you to have to do the same thing. Now I know the path.
Final thought from Thomas:

This has been our fundraising episode. We spent thousands of dollars on this podcast and so far it has done little to wash its own face. Once Jim started having computer trouble we decided the podcast needs to help get Jim a new computer. So help Jim and help yourself.

If you want to help Jim get his new computer we have a special fundraising episode. For $97 you can get the course and plus an hour coaching call with bestselling author James L Rubart. If you have ever wanted a mentor to encourage you, this is your chance.

Close: You’ve been listening to a special edition of the Novel Marketing Podcast with bestselling author James L Rubart and Thomas Umstattd Jr. hoping you’ll join us in becoming an overnight success in five short years.

Sign up here. And as always, thanks so much for listening.

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