In this episode we are going to talk about ghostwriting … how it works, and how you can apply that to your career and help make you money.

To help us with that, we’ve invited Arlene Gale onto the show. Arlene is a writing coach, and a multi award winning, number one bestselling author. She’s ghost written hundreds of books and thousands of articles. And she’s just released her own 8th book, Book Business Blueprint: Build Credibility, Stand Out from the Competition, and Skyrocket Sales by Writing Your Book, which became a  bestseller in September.

Show Notes


  • Most people are familiar with ghost writing, but I’ve heard a lot of writers describe it incorrectly… can you set the record straight?
  • Talk to us about the issue of not having your name on the book. I have a quite a few friends who refuse to ghost write a book unless some acknowledgement is given that the “author” had help. They don’t feel it’s right for someone to pretend they wrote the book when they didn’t.
  • Give us a few pros about ghostwriting, then a few cons
  • How to Ghost writers get paid, is it a royalty or one time payment?
  • Do you ever take a lower fixed cost and a percentage of sales?
  • Can ghostwriting be a way to supplement your income?
  • What skills do you need to be a successful ghost writer?
  • What is there about ghostwriting that novelists can apply to their career?
  • “He who gets the credit gets the blame.” (Thomas’ fortune cookie.)

Where can we find out more about you and what you do, Arlene?

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