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In this episode, we are going to talk about ways you can be more effective in your marketing, in your approach to the business of publishing and how to stay motivated when you feel like giving up, with special guest, Chad Allen.

About Chad

James first met Chad at the OCW conference in 2014 and then connected again at the ReWrite/Ragged Edge conference in 2015. And since then I’ve watched Chad go from the Editorial Director at Baker Books to starting his own venture. What I’ve seen is a man who not only has a talent with books, but someone that has successfully launched his own business, which is –as we often say– whether you’re an indie author or traditionally published, whether you’re writing fiction or non-fiction. So we’re going to pick Chad’s brain a bit today about what it takes to succeed in publishing today.


  • You talk about your mission being to help creative people find their voice and do their art. Tell us a little about that.
  • One of your more popular blog posts is, “How to Do More of the Work You Love and Less of the Work You Hate I think a great majority of our listeners would love to do exactly that. So what’s the answer?
  • You wrote a manifesto titled Do Your Art: A Manifesto on Rejecting Apathy to Bring Your Best to the World and that’s one of the things I’ve seen shut down more writers than anything else … they don’t think they have anything strong to say, and they become apathetic.
  • We have many listeners who are going the indie route but many who are hybrid, or traditionally focused as well … as an editor who has seen thousands of proposals, tell us the very first thing you look at in a proposal and why.
  • So not that long ago, you dove into being a writing coach full time. What’s good and what’s hard about that? And what has it taught you about thinking like a business person that our listeners need to think about?
  • You talk about a particular mindset writers must adopt. What is that and how can we keep from slipping away from that mind set?
  • You’ve been part of hundreds of books. In terms of marketing, what are the things you think most authors must focus on?
  • Any other thoughts on the writing life, Chad?
  • Where is the best place for folks to connect with you?


Featured Patron

This week we get to highlight Eloise Whyte … and while she doesn’t have book to feature, she does have a website that would be well worth your time to check out called, Soul Inspirationz, that specializes in promoting Christian Fiction. New releases, a directory, a community aspect, reviews, and a division of the site which is called the WISP Directory showcases indie and small press titles.

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