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The #1 WordPress Bookstore Plugin just got even better.

What is MyBookTable?

If you are not familiar with MyBookTable the above video should get you up to speed. In short, MyBookTable is the easiest way to add your book to your website and sell it through online retailers like Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

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What’s New in MyBookTable 3?


The following list includes all the features we plan to add to the base version of MyBookTable.

Updated Look 

MyBookTable book pages have been redesigned to be prettier, more mobile-friendly, and conversion-optimized. If you prefer the classic look, don’t worry– you will still have it as an option.

New, Easier Interface 

As MyBookTable has grown more powerful, it has also become more complicated. So in version 3.0 we’ve simplified the interface to make the plugin even easier to use.

Kindle Instant Preview 


MyBookTable 3 will now officially come with Kindle Instant Preview. Readers can read the first few pages of your Kindle book without ever having to leave your book page or download a PDF. We’ve been testing this feature for a while and are very excited about it.

International Mode 

MyBookTable is partnering with LinkGenius to add link localization to MyBookTable. This means readers in England will automatically be sent to and Canadian readers can click the same button to go to

Audiobook Mode 

MyBookTable will come with an audio player so readers can sample your audiobook right on the book page. We are also adding fields for Narrator and Audiobook Price.

Book Import/Export 

This user-requested feature will be a huge time saver for authors with multiple websites. With MyBookTable 2.0 you can export your books from one website and import them into another.

Enhanced Children’s Book Support 

Not every author writes children’s books. But those that do want an Illustrator Field so they can give credit to the illustrator of their books. Users will be able to click on an illustrator’s name to see all the books by that illustrator.

Star Rating Support 

It turns out that not everyone who uses MyBookTable is an author. Readers use MyBookTable to post reviews of books they’ve read. Now MyBookTable has a Star Rating feature so that those book reviewers can rate the books they are reviewing.

Endorsements Section

MyBookTable 3 has a special section for you to show off endorsements, blurbs, and accolades. Book blurbs can now look better than ever before.

Back End:

This is the back-end interface for the Endorsement Section
This is the back-end interface for the Endorsement Section


Front End:

This is what the endorsement section will look like on the new beautiful page mode.
This is what the endorsement section will look like on the new beautiful page mode.


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New MyBookTable Pro Features

The following features are new to MyBookTable Pro as of MyBookTable 3.

Landing Page Mode

MyBookTable 3 can now create landing pages for your books. Landing Page Mode is a total redesign of how a book page looks. It must be seen to be believed. This landing page can be used to power a whole website for your book title or just to make your book pages look better.

Reading Group Resources Section

MyBookTable Pro now comes with a brand new section where you can add resources for reading clubs and book groups. The more resources you provide book clubs, the more they will want to read your book. Suggested materials include a PDF Download of Discussion Questions, Bulk Ordering Link, Powerpoint Companion, Chapter Excerpts PDF, Discussion Video.

Amazon Bulk Book Importer


With the Amazon Bulk Book Importer, you can now add books to MyBookTable with nothing more than an ISBN number. MyBookTable will then import the book cover and the blurb, and link a description from Amazon. This importer was previously only available for developers is now in the professional version of MyBookTable 3. The importer will be a huge timesaver, particularly for authors with lots of books in their backlist.

Enhanced Gridview

We made the Gridview even easier with enhanced shortcode support and more flexibility.

UIEE Bulk Book Import

The professional version of MyBookTable now lets you import dozens or hundreds of books using UIEE files.

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Version Comparison

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