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In this episode, we’re not going to be talking theory, but real-world examples of an author using the principles we talk about on Novel Marketing. And you might have figured out that author is Curt Isles. Curt, so good to have you on the show.

Curt and I met …

Curt says about himself, that he’s a Southern writer who is passionate about sharing about the unique  pineywoods region of western Louisiana. It is a unique area, long called “No Man’s Land” as well as the “Outlaw Strip” and I deeply love its history, culture, and people. I’m a storyteller and am always searching for remarkable stories, especially those that reflect my heritage. He has thirteen books published as well as over a thousand blog posts .


  • Tell us a bit about your journey as an author.
  • Kickstarter, pros and cons (Crowdfunding Course Link)
  • Talk about new books their impact on evergreen sales
  • Beta readers
    • What are beta readers?
    • Why would you want beta readers?
    • Who do you look for when looking for beta reader
    • How do you find beta readers.



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