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Last episode we talked about getting an agent from Thomas’ and my perspective, in this episode, we’re going to talk about how to get an agent from the agent’s perspective. So we’d like to introduce you to one of our favorite people and an outstanding literary agent, Rachelle Gardner.

Talking Points:

  • Great writing, great platform, great idea … we’ve told our listeners they have to have two of those three, but what beyond those things make you stand up and take notice of a writer?
  • On your blog the other day you talked about it being harder (sometimes) for an already published author than a new author to get a contract, or an agent if they had poor sales. What can that kind of author do to get your attention? Make you want to champion them into a re-launch of their career.
  • Any funny or not so funny stories of being stalked by writers?
    • Volleyball story
    • New dentist …
    • If I tell people at a party that I’m a agent …
  • Have you ever signed someone at first glance you never thought you’d sign? If yes, what did they do that convinced you?
  • We have a lot of indie authors … why traditional publishing?
  • What are automatic turn offs when a writer approaches you at a conference?
  • What are the two or three or ten things you wish writers seeking an agent would do that tends to be rare?
  • In “Getting an agent” part I, we talked about the idea that agents are always watching writers, even if they’re new, trying to see who works hard, plays well in the sandbox with others, is improving, working on their platform … is that true? Is your radar out?
  • Let’s talk submissions, what are some the key right ways and wrong ways to submit to you or another agent?
  • So let’s say all our listeners that want to get signed by an agent, get signed. How should they treat the relationship? I’m guessing you have some clients that are easier to work with than others. What are the things that make an author great to work with and those that are a challenge?
  • I tell a lot of writers to go to your blog … that they’ll essentially get a college education on agents and the publishing industry, but what other books or blogs or websites would you recommend people go to?
  • What books do you recommend?






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