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So far, MyBookTable 2.0 has been a huge hit. In just two months, it has already outsold MyBookTable 1.0 (excluding Kickstarter backers).

But, just because MyBookTable is the #1 Bookstore plugin on WordPress doesn’t mean we have stopped working hard to make it better.

We are excited to announce MyBookTable 2.1.  This new version comes with both performance and usability improvements.

Improving the pre-order process was our primary focus on this version. We added the “notify me” button in 2.0 that allowed people to sign up for email updates. Now MyBookTable is the ultimate tool for an author with a book coming out in the future.

Here are a few highlights:

iTunes Affiliate Integration


Apple iTunes is the second-highest bookseller for many authors.  With that in mind, MyBookTable now supports iTunes affiliate integration, allowing authors to be paid twice for their book. And this integration is available in the free version of the plugin.

Pubslush Pre-Order Button


Pubslush is a crowdfunding platform created specifically for authors. Recently, Pubslush added pre-orders to their platform. Now you can add a “Pubslush Pre-Order” button to the book page of an upcoming book with just three clicks.

Why we like Pubslush:

  • They are easy to work with
  • They are author-centric (like Author Media)
  • They have live people to call if you need help

Celery Pre-Order Button


Celery is a pre-order platform that is dead simple to use. They specialize in helping fill the gap between crowdfunding projects and the actual launch of the product. They are the go-to pre-ordering platform for technology projects like the ThingCHARGER and the Neptune Duo Smartwatch.

Now you can add a Celery Pre-Order button right in MyBookTable.

Why we like Celery:

  • Their checkout process is beautifully elegant and designed to maximize conversions, which is tech-speak for more sales with the same number of visitors
  • They have a a simple interface for both sellers and buyers.
  • They integrate with Stripe.

Complete Changelog for MyBookTable 2.1


  • Added iTunes Affiliate Integration
  • Added Pubslush Pre-order Button
  • Added Celery Pre-order Button
  • Added Book Length field to Book Details metabox
  • Improved shadow box popup option for Gumroad
  • Updated and improved built-in style packs
  • Improved book import system to display progress dynamically and handle large numbers of books better
  • Redesigned Buy Button display selector to be easier to use
  • Added option to allow users to use shadow boxes for their buy buttons only on book listings
  • Added caching system for book reviews to improve performance
  • Added taxonomy columns to book manager backend page
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