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Question from Jen

Q: I really enjoyed this podcast, but I’m curious as to how aspiring writers are supposed to use Facebook and Twitter differently?

Question from J.T. Stoll  

Author of The Rift

I’m an indie fantasy author and trying to figure out how much time to dedicate to putting together blurbs for my book. Seeing a bunch of authors I’ve never heard of rave about the book doesn’t make me want to buy it. Do readers care about these kinds of blurbs? Do they drive sales?

Question from Kristen Stieffel

Author of  Alara’s Call

“While my book is in production at my publisher I’m looking into recording an audiobook version and I’d like to record it myself.

I’m trying to decide if I should go straight to Audible or podcast my book. If I podcast first, can I still distribute the compilation through Audible? What are the pros and cons of podcasting the book?”

Question from  Jennifer Pappas

I blog about books and post reviews. My question is, as aspiring writer is it not smart to post bad reviews?

I know I’m thinking really far ahead, but what if I meet someone in the publishing game who really likes my work and then they see that I’ve written a one star review for a book, and that rubs them the wrong way? Is it paranoid to think that I could be sabotaging my future by saying negative things about books I read, or is this a legitimate concern?

Question from Cara Grandle

Question: I’m not published yet, but I want to write a blog post here and there on books that I love that someone else wrote. Not book reviews, just like if you were talking book recommendations with a friend. I want to know if it would be smart to use My Book Table on my blog showcasing other author’s work and then add my own when the day comes that I’m published.

Question from Darren Sapp


Book Title     Fire on the Flight Deck

Where should I sell my books online when self-publishing? I assume most of my sales will be on Amazon (Print and eBook). What about Nook, iBooks, and Kobo for the eBook? Are the others that I should be in contention such as Smashwords.


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