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Are you reading this in Google Reader?

If so, this should be the last post of ours that you read in Google Reader.
It’s time to make the switch.

Readers, have you made the switch?

In case you’ve forgotten, Google Reader shuts down on July 1. That’s in just a few days.

The good new is that switching isn’t hard. Some services, such as Feedly (which is what I use) allow you to import your Google Reader settings, which means no need to spend hours re-subscribing to your favorite sites. But you’ll need to get on that quickly–if July 1 comes and you haven’t switched, you’ll likely have to start from scratch.

Below is a list of 10 alternatives to Google Reader. Check them out, pick your favorite, make the switch. Do it before July 1. Better yet, do it right now, before you forget. 

  1. Feedly
  2. Flipboard
  3. Google Currents
  4. NetVibes
  5. NewsBlur
  6. Pulse
  7. Reeder
  8. Taptu
  9. The Old Reader
  10. Zite

Don’t want to lose your Reader information, but haven’t settled on an alternative yet? Download your information from Google Takeout.


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Authors, have you reminded your subscribers?

If you have a blog, you need to be proactive in letting your readers know about the upcoming changes. Even if you don’t personally use Google Reader, your subscribers do.

Authors around the globe are going to be taking hits in their number of subscribers due to losing the readers that either don’t know or forget to switch and don’t take the time to re-subscribe. You can lower that number by encouraging your readers to make the switch.

Make it as easy as possible for your readers. Let them know what you’ve personally switched to and why, and provide links. The more information you give, the less likely you are to lose your subscribers.

It’s also a good idea to use multiple channels to get the information out. Post on your blog, mention it in your newsletter, tell your fans on Facebook and Twitter, etc. That way, those subscribers who need multiple reminders will be more likely to get them.

If you haven’t done so already, now is also a good time to claim your Google Authorship.

Now it’s your turn: What Google Reader alternative do you use? How have you reminded your readers about the upcoming changes (blog posts, newsletter, etc.)? 

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