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In this episode we are going to talk about book clubs and how to get them choose your book.


  • Book clubs buy more than one book
  • They have influence, they talk! And they post!
  • They’re often repeat customers (if you thrill them)

Show Notes


Understand The Life of a Book Club Organizer

  • Super Busy
  • Big Reader
  • GoodReads power user
  • Frustrated that her book club members don’t always read the book and that people are hit and miss
  • She doesn’t pick books she hasn’t already read and loved. (or had recommended by a trusted friend).


Different Kinds of Groups

  • Formal Reading Groups
  • Informal Reading Groups
  • Bible Studies
  • Classes/Workshops
  • Meetup Groups (Mops, Austin Dog Owners, etc)
  • Online book clubs/groups


How to Attract Book Clubs

  • Write a good book that would be interesting to discuss.
  • Add discussion questions to each chapter (or at the end of the book).
  • Put an invite in the back of your book!
  • Email your list about your resources and willingness to Skype in
  • Watch social media and when your book is mentioned, comment about your willingness to participate
  • Share stories of participating in past book clubs. Share photos! Tag the book club leader and others if you can.
  • Prepare a one sheet to give to librarians.
  • Search for book clubs on
  • Have your launch team recommend your book in the clubs they are apart of.
  • Have a page on your website where reading group resources.


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