Website Visitor #3 – Reading Club Rhonda

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Video Transcript

The third reader who comes to author websites is Reading Club Rhonda who runs a reading club and is thinking about featuring your book.

She likely found out about your website and came to your Web site from the last page of your book.

You do mention your Web site on the last page of your book, right?

If not, it’s not too late to add it at least to the ebook.

While there are not many Reading Club Rhondas out there, she is very influential in what other people read. You want reading clubs and book groups reading your book, and to do that you’ve got to win Rhonda’s favor.

So what is she looking for?

She’s looking for printable discussion questions that she can download and print off to hand out to the folks in her group.

This is the easiest thing to add, and the thing she wants the most.

Rhonda’s looking for a video that she can play to kick off the discussion.

Some authors will even Skype into reading clubs to help make Reading Club Rhonda’s life a little bit better.

The other thing that she’s looking for is bulk book ordering. She wants to be able to order multiple copies of your book and she’d like a discount.

Why not give her one?

If you’re traditionally published, your publishing company can handle all of this for you. All you need is a button on your book page that connects her with the right person at your publishing company.

If you’re independently published, you can do this yourself. You can print books in bulk and have them shipped directly to Rhonda. You just need to set it up on your book page.

The easiest way to thrill Rhonda is with our plugin, MyBookTable, which has a special “Reading Club Resources” section.

MyBookTable allows you to very quickly add a “reading club resources” area to your book page, so that Rhonda’s like “Ah, this is an easy book for me to feature!”

Our hope is that you can:

  • win more Rhondas
  • get more reading clubs
  • sell more books.