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Last episode we talked about how to find book clubs, and how to get them to choose you, so if you haven’t listed to episode 164, you might want to listen to it first.

In this episode, we’re going to talk about how to make a great impression on a book club, so they’ll invite you back … which means another batch of books sold in bulk. Did you like that alliteration, Thomas?

Show Notes

Add a Reading Group Resources Section to Your Book

  • Include discussion questions after each chapter (nonfiction)
  • Include discussion questions at the end of the book. (fiction)
  • At the end of your book, mention that you have Reading Club Resources on your website.

Add a Reading Group Resources section to your website.

  • Include discussion questions on your website.
  • Record short “discussion kickstarter” videos and upload them to YouTube.
  • Add a bulk book ordering feature to your website.
  • Add slides for a powerpoint introducing the themes of the book

Create a Leader’s Guide

Things to consider including:

  • All the discussion questions from the book.
  • Bonus discussion questions
  • Meeting outline with timing suggestions. Assume the meeting will be 1 hour. It is easier for leaders to let segments go long rather than cut them short.
  • Icebreakers related to the topic.
  • If your book is inspirational, include prayer points/topics.
  • Related group activities
  • Food ideas for the snack/meal. Recipes for meals served in the story. Especially good for period stories.
  • Action steps that the leader can suggest to the group at the end, especially powerful for non-fiction books


  • Offer to Skype in, or call in during one of the meetings
  • Put together a one sheet for your book with trivia and/or easter eggs
  • Share photos that inspired your book or real life locations
  • Cut a short video specific to that group
  • Get questions from the leader of the club and answer them on video ahead of time
  • Offer a freebie to the book club for signing up for your newsletter

Follow Up

  • Send a thank you note to the organizer a few days later
  • Ask the organizer if they know of any other book clubs that might be interested in reading one of your books
  • Ask for a photo of the group holding your book and post it on social media, and remind folks that you love taking part in book clubs


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