Intro Paragraph:

Unless you have a multi-book contract (and we’re talking 4+ books) you need to be constantly marketing yourself to publishers. Even if you do have a long term contract you need to be marketing yourself because someday that contract will end and (let’s say this quietly) they might not pick you up again.

If you’re newer to the publishing world and are looking for that agent or publishing house to partner with, you need these tips to an even greater degree.

Does This Describe You?

You’re desperate to stand out. You want to make a lasting impact on editors, agents, and readers. So we’re going to talk about six techniques when you want to make that impression badly:

Show Outline

  1. What Not to Do
  2. One sheets
  3. Opening lines
  4. Marketing material
  5. Your photo
  6. Handing out a gimmick
  7. Editor and agent appointments
  8. How one of James’ Fifteen Minute Appointments Turned Into a Two Minute Appointment 



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