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You’re an author. Your time is sacred. Finding time to write is hard enough even before your agent told you to get something called a “platform.” What you want is maximum platform bang per minute. Here are 4 reasons why MySpace is not for you.

Reason 1 – Hard to Give Value

If I were to summarize networking in one phrase it would be “collecting favors by doing favors for others first.” So, how exactly are you supposed to provide value to other people on MySpace? Facebook makes it easy to connect with old friends. Twitter makes it easy to spread the word about your work. LinkedIn has a dozen ways to help build your professional network.

Reason 2 – Mostly for Kids & Bands

Now if you are a band, you can provide value by putting up full length songs to which people can listen. MySpace started off as a band and groupie hangout and it still does that well. Bands can provide value by letting fans listen to their music for free.

Reason 3 – MySpace is Messy & Unprofessional

One of the biggest reasons people say they avoid MySpace is because it’s ugly. Giving 14 year old girls the ability to decorate their own page is not a recipe for professionalism. Especially when their photos show up on your page.

Reason 4 -The People Are Somewhere Else

MySpace has a lot of users but most of them are empty accounts as people have left for greener pastures at Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Not Worthless But Not Worth It

This is not to say that you can’t get value from MySpace. But for the same amount of time invested, you can get more from other social networks.

What do you think? Have you been able to use MySpace to promote your book? Leave a comment below.

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